The Nerds

BB Sidekick Cover

Ash has been an otaku since Junior high. She spent her lunch time- and most of the rest of her time- in the library, reading. Stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading slash fanfictions. Any partys that she might have attended in her life so far were spent playing DDR, guitar hero, or pictionary. (Completely sober)

Now 22 she spends her time as a massage therapist. She spends FAR too much of her ‘spare’ monies on BB merch and expensive anime when she should be saving up money to get out of her parents house.

Her most expensive hobby at the moment is keeping fish. She haa three beta tanks over 2.5 gallons and a 20 gallon. She is considering setting up the 10 gallon too.

Bitchez im fn cute!

I’m  Star!!*waves*hiii!!! I’ve been the daydreaming, nerdy, loner child since….middle school I think, maybe longer. First time I watched anime I didn’t even know what it was and when I was 12 I was introduced into the nerd realms by watching InuYasha aka the forever show!After that there was no turning back!….I use a lot of exclamation points….hmmm.

Oh and I’m 19 years old and going to school for fashion design and marketing because I think I can be the shit at it!! Uhh I love all music but country because it makes me involuntarily cry…idk why. In my head there is a magical place where the oh so amazingly T.O.P is my boyfriend of almost 4 years and we have happy and sometimes smutty moments together!…Im spazztic!!…so love me, hug me, give me money and help me grow! WE ARE NINJAS IN TRAINING!!!!!!!

Behold! Ruler of all Things Awesome

Rohx, here! Been an anime tard since i was a child.  My very first anime was Akira and I’m damn proud of that!  I have a giant manga collection which I am also quite proud of.  Recently I’ve been much more active in the music scene, so i listen to a lot of music.  I’d like to say that my taste in music is eclectic, meaning I like ALL kinds of music, from swing and jazz to rock and electropop.  I also suck at grammer in case you haven’t noticed the overkill of commas i tend to use (as well as parentheses).  I love Big Bang and everything they do and represent.  I enjoy watching disney movies.  Video games are my hobby any day.  Aaaand….if I were a Sim my traits would be: Computer whiz, hydrophobic, childish, couch potato, and unflirty. My stats are all green but I have no skills and my life’s dream is to be the Emperor of all Evil. Thank you! (btw I suck at wordpress -.-)

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