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Funnies for the Good Humoured

Attn: Apologies before hand to all non-spanish speakers; since these videos aren’t subtitled/translated you might have a terrible time understanding anything but I felt like sharing these vids for those who will understand; KTHNXBAI!

Been severely busy these past few days :/ My new college courses are keeping me on my toes and rather ignorant of anything that isn’t about stocks, trades, and money, but tonight I was feeling stressed and absolutely nostalgic.  So to let off some steam I went “funny videos” hunting on Youtube and fortunately I found this Vlog!  Its created by a guy, Gabriel Montiel, who claims that his Vlog’s goal is to make his watchers laugh and have a good time.  And I must say he does a great job!

This is one of my favourites!

This one killed me! (hay no te creas!)

And for you Twilight fans…