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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

So you guys already know about my undying love for Tom Felton, well after watching the last Harry Potter movie I was left wanting to see more of Mr. Felton.  Luckily, he’s appearing in the new movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes starring James Franco, Andy Serkis, and Freida Pinto! (I have no idea who those people are!!)

According to IMDb this movie is, “An original story set in present day San Francisco, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.”

Some screen shots of the movie









If you weren’t frightened by the psycho monkey on the first screen cap, then go watch it!  Tom Felton’s in it as Dodge Landon and it looks like it’ll be good and action-y.  If you’re still not certain then check out the trailer!

Case of Schadenfreude I

So seeing as I am in a rather “killer” mood (as in I’m certainly ready to commit a gruesome form of homicide) I bring you vids of stupid people (or maybe just plain crazy people) doing stupid things!  Today I bring to you two videos of stupid people jumping into cold pools of water, then having a fit.  Or people having a fit then jumping into cold pools of water, and an super awesome extra from Japan!! ENJOY!

their laughs made me LOL the most

Why? o__o

Thank you, Japan!

Funny Commercial

Just saw this on TV while watching (freaking awesome) NINJA WARRIOR (<3333333) 

I find it hilarious xD

Japanese Oddities (aka awesomeness)

SO what have I actually shown up to show you guys today???  Well on one of my most bored days I came upon some cat videos on Youtube (willingly searched -.-“) and thought, “holy cow! cats have bowl fetishes!”  What am I talking about??  Well in Japan there’s this oddity called “neko-nabe”  Its an occurance in which if you have a kitten and a bowl the kitty will climb into the bowl and snuggle in it!  Its so grossly cute that it rots your brain with its fluffy goodness >__<

Now, naturally this bowl/pot effect isn’t totally exclusive to Japanese cats (I’m sure other cats do it too) however they are the ones that take time to record it, lol.

Isn’t it just sooo cute?! I might have more cat videos later for your bored viewing!

Take Off – 2PM

And following my last post here is 2PM’s latest (and I think first) Japanese single called Take Off.

As mentioned before this is the ending theme to the anime Ao no Exorcist and the characters actually do a mini dance during the ending that is just like the “take off” dance that 2PM does in this MV! Its so cute, haha!  Tho I do feel that the rest of the choreo isn’t very good but thats just my opinion. Big Bang needs to get with it and get their own anime theme!!

Return by FTIsland

FTIsland Returns (ha pun) to Korea from their Japanese promotions with the new mini-album Return! IMO its a great mini-album! You get to appreciate Hongki’s great vocals and Seung Hyung’s rap!  Of course all the members make the mini-album great to listen to. The title track is called Hello Hello. It sounds somewhat Jrock-ish but I’m not complaining, haha!

the rest of the mini-album is like so:

Hello Hello [title]
널 갖겠다
널 갖겠다

Support them by buying their mini-album off Yesasia or your preferred retailer!

 AND if you know what to do go below!


Korean Music Fail

The other night on Kpopflash one of the streamers started playing random MVs after inkigayo ended, all of which made me wonder just what the hell are kpop composers thinking when they write their crazy ass song!? So here’s a few songs that you will hopefully not have to suffer thru more than just this once!

Warning: Engrish, Very foul language/Explicit lyrics, All around scary looking/sounding men and women

o__o Nword Nword Nword Monday?!

Yes…she did say that….

Painful I know and scary!


No sense what so ever!

And lastly everyone’s fave jailbait!

*sighs* I love Kpop!