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C.A.P and L.Joe’s Twitter Fan Boy Spazz!

Teen Top C.A.P spoke highly of TOP, “I wanna be like Bigbang TOP. A few days ago I saw him in the waiting room and while I was talking to him, I kinda felt like I became a commoner seeing a noble. I also have a dream to perform on a stage with him but I’m not sure since we both have low voices.”

While his member Teen Top L.JOE also spoke of G-Dragon, “I’ve liked G-Dragon since the song “Heart Breaker” was released. His eyes are so sexy. I had a chance to get to know him a few days ago in a waiting room and honestly I was more nervous than when I was on my debut stage. For real, it was the first time that I realized a man can be that gorgeous. but I couldn’t say anything because I was too nervous. If I have a chance to meet him again and talk to him… um, I’m gonna ask him to remember my name.”

Source: Huisu Yoon Fan Page and Big Bang Updates

OMG!!!THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! C.A.P pretty much thinks of T.O.P as a fn king and L.Joe totally has a man crush on G.D!!!…His eyes are so sexy L.Joe?lol Gotta love that fan boy spazz.♥♥

Masa Mixes. Rex R.

This is a new Masa remix which I find absolutely outstanding! Its crazy how these songs can actually work together when theyre opposites. And the music video for the TVXQ song somehow fits the beat/sound from the Secret MV.

If you arent already, make sure you subscribe to masa on youtube. You can also find his site HERE or follow him on twitter, masamixes. He mostly does mash-ups of the asian form. You can download all his music on his site. Im pretty sure I own every mash-up he’s created.

I have also recently discovered REX R.. I stalked the crap of him, downloaded a couple of songs from his site-(more later)-and am following him on twitter HERE. Here is one of his remixes.