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Music Monday’s: Tonight

Hahaha, meanwhile GD is just walking around the hotel trying to find the elevator. haha. I freaking love that they did a body switch. Im ASSUMING its because of Screcret Big Bang coming out in the past week. I dont know- but I freaking love Martina as Simon- she does the hands on the hips thing that he does. haha.

There seems to be a CD giveaway at the end, but all it made me want to do was get a tumblr so I could get the easy way out. Am too lazy for comments. But you shouldn’t be! If you commented, copy your comment below so I can read!

Also, I never noticed EatYourKimchi had ads- congrats Simon and Martina! I will wait for ads for YOUR show. I hate it when music videos have freaking ads…

Big Bang wins Inkigayo!

Big Bang’s first comeback performance was on Inkigayo last night! Gah!! It was so amazing! They did so well and danced so awesomely.  Big Bang FIGHTING!!

Before their performance BB was interviewed and Seungri is being a weirdo again! xD

BB’s 3 part performances! What is Right/Somebody to Love/Tonight

AND Big Bang wins Inkigayo (practically by default LOL) without promoting and only performing once! take that IU!!

Notice how Seungri wants to celebrate with TOP but is totally rejected! xDD TOP is like “uh…no..” Haha Seungri I love you!


Big Bang Tonight Practice

YG posted this video a few days ago; its the Big Bang Tonight dance practice.  You can watch this practice over and over and never get tired of it.  I honestly love the choreo for this song.  BB is working so hard ❤