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Legend of Korra- Ep. 1-2

The first two episodes of The Legend of Korra have been released, and they are amazing! I don’t want to give away what has already happened in the story, so I’ll just appreciate the new characters.

Korra’s confidence and sarcasm makes her a much more amusing avatar than Aang. Aang was funny because he was childish- Korra is hilarious because shes just so destructive. She’s also somewhat incapable of taking people telling her what to do. So far I’m in love with Tenzin and Bolin. I love how Tenzin is constantly stumbling over words, completely frustrated with Korra’s lack of focus. Bolin seems to be the Sokka of this series. He’s confident and hilarious- which is why Korra instantly befriends him. I also love all three of Tenzin’s kids.

My favorite parts were the parts where the oldest of Tenzin’s kids says, “I will make no such promises.” And the part where Bolin ‘assumes’ that Korra is a water bender.

The writing has already proven it’s going to live up to the original series. I also LOVE the voice acting.

You can watch these two episodes at http://www.korranation.com

Legend of Korra Updates

First look at Korras face! This picture makes me really happy, because it looks like she is firebending and water bending at the same time! It’s going to be exciting going into the story with the avatar already knowing how to bend more then one element.

Also, according to this, if I’m reading this right, the show is now going to be 24 episodes instead of 12? That makes me very happy. 12 is not enough. The writers are too good. Filler type episodes from the first series ended up being my favorite episodes.

“We have a lot of ideas for the ‘Avatar’ universe and who knows? We could be tapping into them for years to come,” Konietzko says.

In that interview they talk about how the characters are older, and how they have cars and motorcycles. Also, they’re at a more appropriate age for relationships, so it won’t frighten me as much this time around. I’m interested to see how they work out the new villain. He’s supposed to be anti-bending, so I’m wondering how it is that he is able to take on an avatar… Also, they mention that we will sort of finally figure out what happened to Zuko’s mother- but ‘not necessarily in the show’? I know those guys got to be sick of getting asked the same questions all the time, but I seriously feel that they’re kind of… mean? If you read the interview- you can probably see what I mean.

Also, Dante Basco has said that he will not be playing the voice of Zuko, but someone related to him– so I will go ahead and assume a son– or grandson, since it takes place 70 years in the future.

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