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Big Bang- Blue MV

From their new mini album, Alive. I already have two preordered. One of all BB and one with the T.O.P cover. We shall see what happens to that second copy of the poster. Wish they had individuals to go with the seperate members cds…

If you’re interested in pre-ordering your copy, you can do so HERE. I got mine the day after they went from 12 dollars to 16… I was too slow about that shiz.

Big Bang 5th Mini-Album

So its official Big Bang’s latest release will indeed be a mini-album.  Though I’m pretty sure many fans are kind of bummed at the lack of full albums, this new installment of BB’s musical careers has been promised to be the best one ever! Or so says YG, right??  Well regardless of what critics, haters, VIPs, and sasaengs will think about it my bias is pretty hardcore so I’m bound to love whatever BB has to offer.  Here’s the track list released by YG as of today (yesterday in Korea?)

Title tracks have been confirmed to be songs 3 and 4 (Love Dust and Bad Boy respectively), and the last song (#7) is a solo by DaeSung called “Wings”.  As you guys can see GD and Teddy and Choice37 (along with others) worked on this album so its bound to be amazing.  Lets look forward to it and welcome it with lots of LURVE!!

PS: Apparently a February comeback equals on the very last day of February (on the virtual day that isn’t suppose to exist)….. YG logic *shuns*

Big Bang wins Inkigayo!

Big Bang’s first comeback performance was on Inkigayo last night! Gah!! It was so amazing! They did so well and danced so awesomely.  Big Bang FIGHTING!!

Before their performance BB was interviewed and Seungri is being a weirdo again! xD

BB’s 3 part performances! What is Right/Somebody to Love/Tonight

AND Big Bang wins Inkigayo (practically by default LOL) without promoting and only performing once! take that IU!!

Notice how Seungri wants to celebrate with TOP but is totally rejected! xDD TOP is like “uh…no..” Haha Seungri I love you!


Big Bang Tonight Practice

YG posted this video a few days ago; its the Big Bang Tonight dance practice.  You can watch this practice over and over and never get tired of it.  I honestly love the choreo for this song.  BB is working so hard ❤

TopRi Kiss Scene gifs

Because I absolutely loved this scene regardless of how controversial it has become I have decided to blind you guys with multiple gifs of the Top and Seungri (super hard) kiss!!

Warning:  Boys “kissing”

None of the GIFs shown in this post were made by me.  Credits go to the makers and Google Images.

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Big Bangs Greatest Critiques

Ash Skylar: egh. There is something WRONG with a picture when I look at it and think- seungri is the only good thing about this…
Rohxez: what pic?
Ash Skylar: egh, and all the titles for the album do not make me excited.
Ash Skylar: dont they already have a song called hands up?

Rohxez: yup from the tell me goodbye mini album in japan
Ash Skylar: so then there is really only five new songs.
Ash Skylar: I do like gd hair though. *stares*
Rohxez: i like GD’s hair too
Rohxez: and Daesung looks so different some how
Rohxez: maybe cause his hair is black? its always brown
Rohxez: he looks really good
Ash Skylar: just that slight — mm, I thought he was more of a readhead
Ash Skylar: haha
Rohxez: it makes his face look slimmer
Ash Skylar: hm, thats true…
Ash Skylar: *stares*
Rohxez: TOP is a no..
Ash Skylar: I didnt mind his hair- its just coat that kills me
Ash Skylar: haha, I think it would be fine with normal clothes
Ash Skylar: but that suit– *gags*
Ash Skylar: *seriously gags*
Rohxez: i love daesungs jacket lol
Rohxez: Taeyangs jacket should go too
Rohxez: and TOP just needs to change completely
Rohxez: and style his hair differently
Rohxez: it looks like he combed it back like draco or something
Ash Skylar: I dont mind his hair– at all, but that damn suit seriously disgusts me
Rohxez: his pants disgust me
Rohxez: and his shoes..
Ash Skylar: and that shirt and… egh
Rohxez: and that thing iat his middle
Ash Skylar: lol
Rohxez: yeah and his shirt
Ash Skylar: Yes, everything abou that outfit is nasty
Rohxez: he could make the blazer work tho
Rohxez: i like it
Ash Skylar: *dis a grees*
Rohxez: lol xD
Ash Skylar: Okay, Ive decided there is nothing about GD that I dont like…
Rohxez: GD and Seungri and Dae look hella fine to me
Ash Skylar: He reminds me– breakfast club…
Rohxez: ugh i love GD’s shirt
Rohxez: his pants
Ash Skylar: I will now completely agree with you there
Rohxez: his gloves
Rohxez: his boots
Rohxez: his HAIR!
Rohxez: *dies* i love GD
Ash Skylar: *nods*
Rohxez: Seungri is so simple looking but he looks good anyway
Rohxez: i just hope that sweater thing isnt a turtle neck or it will have to go too
Rohxez: Dae also looks very pale
Rohxez: GD makes me wanna get blond hair!
Rohxez: if i was a guy my hair would be blond right now
Ash Skylar: It is a turtle neck
Rohxez: ugh seungri needs to get rid of it
Rohxez: and get like a wide neck sweater

Ash Skylar: Cafe is a stupid name for a song.
Rohxez: somebody to love was also in the japanese mini
Ash Skylar: Egh…
Rohxez: and i disagree on the name
Rohxez: its a good name for a vague song
Rohxez: Tae’s jacket has GOT to go for real
Rohxez: i hope he doesnt promote in it
Rohxez: and from the side i dont mind TOPs hair anymore
Rohxez: and it looks like TOP’s body is kinda close to Dae’s there for a bit haha
Ash Skylar: I feel like Ive seen him wear it on stage before…
Rohxez: i havent seen it on him (thank god)
Rohxez: im telling you that jacket on TOP doesnt look as gross from the side and without the pants
Rohxez: it looks nice on him
Ash Skylar: *still hates*

GD- Top Don’t Stop

This is hot. It DOES look like he’s saying that!!

Also, this is KIND of in the same line of thought.