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G the sexy Dragon

Do I really need to describe what’s so freaking awesome about this pic?  No, I didn’t think so.  It speaks for itself!

Big Bang Comeback!…Killer Teasers!

Knowing that Big Bang will be back within hours makes me freak out and dance from pure joy!Aren’t you all excited?!?!?You fn better be!

Here is the Intro teaser!…gah!Sexy ass voices and jaw lines!!GD whispers and T.O.P low tone♥ *melts*

More Sexiness Teasers Here

Eye Candy for Me(star):Junho!

Well for those of you who do not know….or even cared to know >_> This sexy man im spazzing about is Junho from 2PM. Usually just known for his small eyes, bright smile and nice behind, now you all know that he also has a BAD ASS BODY!!*drools*.This picture was taken in one of the Calvin Klein ads of 2PM aka The Shirtless Ads. How could you not think he is sexy?!Please tell me it’s not just me lol

C.A.P and L.Joe’s Twitter Fan Boy Spazz!

Teen Top C.A.P spoke highly of TOP, “I wanna be like Bigbang TOP. A few days ago I saw him in the waiting room and while I was talking to him, I kinda felt like I became a commoner seeing a noble. I also have a dream to perform on a stage with him but I’m not sure since we both have low voices.”

While his member Teen Top L.JOE also spoke of G-Dragon, “I’ve liked G-Dragon since the song “Heart Breaker” was released. His eyes are so sexy. I had a chance to get to know him a few days ago in a waiting room and honestly I was more nervous than when I was on my debut stage. For real, it was the first time that I realized a man can be that gorgeous. but I couldn’t say anything because I was too nervous. If I have a chance to meet him again and talk to him… um, I’m gonna ask him to remember my name.”

Source: Huisu Yoon Fan Page and Big Bang Updates

OMG!!!THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! C.A.P pretty much thinks of T.O.P as a fn king and L.Joe totally has a man crush on G.D!!!…His eyes are so sexy L.Joe?lol Gotta love that fan boy spazz.♥♥

Teen Top….and Jail bait

So recently I’ve been looking at the group Teen Top because of the Supa Luv(soup love) song that I love so much and I can’t say that I absolutely love them but they are oh so very adorable and….underage for my thoughts >_>. Apparently Teen Top looks up to Big Bang which makes me aww super hard and like them even more. The TT rappers both idolize GD and T.O.P, L.Joe-GD and C.A.P-T.O.P. They are fan boys and I love it!!

And the story of the jail bait is that…I have developed a smallish crush on L.Joe and he is like 17 and I’m 19 about to be fn 20 >_<. He is so cute though!!gah! I have to control my imagination when it comes to him so that I don’t burn any moral lines in my head lol. If it makes it any better I think the 19 year old rapper,C.A.P, is hot!lol

Teen Top meeting GD and T.O.P