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Excalibur (Soul Eater) Remix

This is only one min long, and its kind of horrible. But its rather entertaining. I love how all of his sound effects are worked into it. I also love how in the show when he sings it you just wanna punch a small animal, but then you find yourself singing it later. haha.

Excalibur Song Remix by tommytch

Excalibur (x1,000,000)
From the United K
Im looking for Heaven
Im going to California


Soul Eater/Ouran Voice Actors

Because their faces change, but their voices dont- I never really realized that the voice actors in the animes I love most could be the same. It recently came to my attention that characters of Soul Eater and Ouran High School Host Club have the same voice actors, and because of this- i had a good laugh. These two shows, in my opinion, are complete opposties. One gave me happy thoughts, the other gave me nightmares.

Because the shows are so different, the parts these people are playing are also different. Here are some of the strangest ones that I found.

Soul Eater:                        OHSHC:

Death the Kid              Hikaru Hitatchiin
Todd Haberkorn

Tsubaki                        Renge Houshakuji
Monica Rial

Giriko                            Kyouya Ootori
Tatum Michaels

Spirit                             Tamaki Suoh
Vic Mignogna             (This one isnt that different,
                                                      but I find it funny.)

Free (Werewolf)             Mori
Travis Willingham

Death                               Yuzuru Suoh
John Swasey                  (Tamakis dad.)

Black Star                      (The general fact hes played by a girl.)
Brittney Karbowski

Thats just a couple of random ones. There were a lot. I got lost in MyAnimeList.