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OH MY GOD THEY’RE EXTRA HOT AND CUTE IN THIS!!They are so sexy in their normal clothes…..*stares more*<3

My gift for you all today lol

Dancing on My Own-Pixie Lott ft. GD & T.O.P!!

Soo I really don’t know who she is, but I do know who GD and TOP are!!lol They are sounding oh so very amazing and sexy in english with this song! Her voice is pretty good too and she made a verrrryyyyyyy wise decision to put them on this song for her Japanese album. Shyt will sell just because of a GD&TOP feature lol.

G the sexy Dragon

Do I really need to describe what’s so freaking awesome about this pic?  No, I didn’t think so.  It speaks for itself!

Big Bang Comeback!…Killer Teasers!

Knowing that Big Bang will be back within hours makes me freak out and dance from pure joy!Aren’t you all excited?!?!?You fn better be!

Here is the Intro teaser!…gah!Sexy ass voices and jaw lines!!GD whispers and T.O.P low tone♥ *melts*

More Sexiness Teasers Here

Binbo Danshi

When it comes to kindness and generosity, Koyama Kazumi, is at the number one spot. Optimistic at all times, he is unable to say no when someone relies on him or asks him for money or asks him for help. He is so willing to take on other peoples debts that he himself has accumulated a debt of 1 million yen. When he finally gets offered a real job he learns that his outstanding debt could actually ruin his chances of getting that job. As he attempts to regain some money that was swindled from him, Kazumi gets caught up in a series of money games that might need much more effort than just optimism to win.

Binbo Danshi

In this drama Shun Oguri plays the role of Kazumi and really brings his utterly stupid (but very cute/kind) character to life.  Along with him are the well known Miura Haruma (<3), Yamada Yu, Yashima Norito, and Yusuke Santamaria.\

Shun’s facial expressions killed me everytime! He was hilarious! It makes you realize what an amazing actor this man really is. <333 Anyway I’m not one for watching dramas but I absolutely love this one! Give it a try!