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Music Bank and Inkigayo Winners

For Musicbank which airs on friday nights (1am Central US time) Secret’s song Shy Boy won.

And Inkigayo (airs Saturday nights 1am Central US time) Seungri wins!! YAY!! *is biased*

Masa Mixes. Rex R.

This is a new Masa remix which I find absolutely outstanding! Its crazy how these songs can actually work together when theyre opposites. And the music video for the TVXQ song somehow fits the beat/sound from the Secret MV.

If you arent already, make sure you subscribe to masa on youtube. You can also find his site HERE or follow him on twitter, masamixes. He mostly does mash-ups of the asian form. You can download all his music on his site. Im pretty sure I own every mash-up he’s created.

I have also recently discovered REX R.. I stalked the crap of him, downloaded a couple of songs from his site-(more later)-and am following him on twitter HERE. Here is one of his remixes.