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New To My Ears (2)

I found this song through the Rex. R remix clip of it- I actually love the original. I think it just as fun to dance to as the remix. I also like the video, though I sort of dissagree with that full body mirror suit thing…

Also, Star sent me this Teen top video that is pretty impressive! Chunji sings That Man from Secret Garden. You can find out more about Teen Top on Stars previous post HERE.

Rohx posted this song the other day. I found this cover on twitter, via Ellen retweeting Lady Gaga, haha. This is really impressive. Her facial expressions and her voice AND her paino playing! Shes just good. And, btw, if you go to her page she also has a wedding dress cover, which I found very exciting!!

And this, which I think I found through Simon and Martina videos. The music video could have been cool, but instead it just doesnt make sense. haha. It IS still cool, but I think it could have been different. She must have seriously efd up… He’s damn pissed. Also, Im obsessed with this song. I keep waking up humming it… (Edit: Wait… Is he cheating on her? The lyrics would suggest that, but it just feels like she came back after years and started apologizing or something, and he has moved on… I cant tell…)

That is all for now. Thanks.

Masa Mixes. Rex R.

This is a new Masa remix which I find absolutely outstanding! Its crazy how these songs can actually work together when theyre opposites. And the music video for the TVXQ song somehow fits the beat/sound from the Secret MV.

If you arent already, make sure you subscribe to masa on youtube. You can also find his site HERE or follow him on twitter, masamixes. He mostly does mash-ups of the asian form. You can download all his music on his site. Im pretty sure I own every mash-up he’s created.

I have also recently discovered REX R.. I stalked the crap of him, downloaded a couple of songs from his site-(more later)-and am following him on twitter HERE. Here is one of his remixes.