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Razia’s Shadow- Playhouse 22

This just seriously made my life. I know that I’ve posted about this before, but I randomly decided to look into it again this evening, and found THIS.

I knew the ending of this story, I’ve heard it 100 times. I still cried. I don’t know, verbally, knowledgeably, how to explain what it is about THE WHOLE CD that I like. By watching this, you will probably be able to see what I felt. Thats how good they did.

This is what I call art.

Razia’s Shadow: The Musical

Everytime I find this CD I always want nothing more then to share it with the rest of the world. I wish I new fancy technical terms to explain what I like about it. But alas, here is a crappy explaination.

This CD is a musical by Forgive Durden about a man, Ahrima, who helps build their world but doesn’t get the credit he thinks he deserves. He takes advice from a spider and burns it all down, causing him to be shuned. He is forced to live in the darkness that he created while everyone makes their own new world.

After a one minute, hundred year, intermission we meet Adikais. He is, along with his brother Palis ((Played by the once love of my life Brenden Urie)) ruling the darkness. While the rest of the darkness is fine with being evil and living in a horrible horrible place, he feels that he shouldn’t be there anymore. (Theres also a prophacy and that).

He runs away to the light, only to find the Princess Anhura- they fall all instantly in love with eachother and decide to get married. He doesn’t tell her who he is, even after she is struken ill. Just being near him, because of the darkness that is still him, makes her very sick. Without telling her where theyre going, he brings her back to the darkness to get treated from a crazy doctor. He saves her, for a price, but just as he does, Palis- who has promised to make Adikais suffer if he ever leave. He intends to kill Anhura, but Adikais jumps in front of the knife.

With his death. The ‘curse’ of darkness and light is lifted.

“The mountains seceded. The light and dark depleted.
We lost Adakias, but regained our science.
Our world was finally reunited.
So this is my cue of where to leave you.
Now it’s your story to retell and pass on.
Because an idea is only relevant if it’s being thought upon.
So remember, never surrender.
‘Cause the unrelenting constancy of love and hope
Will rescue and restore from any scope”

I absolutely looove how whenever Palis or anyone from the darkness is about to sing this super evil tone appears. I love how the spider and the doctor have this crazy psychotic theme about them. I love the people he chose to play each chachter.

I can’t even say that its the thing that I love most, but what I love just as equally as I love everything else in this amazing masterpiece, are the lyrics. Here are the lyrics to the first song, which set the stage- ((A man, like god, and ‘angels’– creating the earth.))
Place your hand on mine.
Untie your mind.
Let your bloated brain balloon and float away.
Wet the end of the thread.
Thimble upon your index.

Set the needle on its path,
Bobbing up and down and past.
Tears and seams all turn to one
With every stitch and each spool spun.

Feed the line through its eye.
Draw it from the other side.
Pull the strand to satisfy.
The need to compose.
The genetic map.
The scientific gap.
The detailed blueprints.
Swept away under carpets.

All we did was thread the eye
Of the silver splinter.
We simply planted the seed
And nursed it through the winter.

The rest is up to you and what you’ll do.

To learn and love and laugh
Until the cycle circles back
I’ll just separate, weigh anchor, disengage
Divide and disappear. And see you in the mirror.

Just so that you can say its too much work to go look it up. I am going to link you to every song. Mind you, the quality on this is not the best. If you download or buy it you will hear more of the detail of it all.

My favorite songs are The Oracle (I feel like a rapper when I sing the “so take heed of this prophecy…” part), The End and the Beginning, Life is Looking Up, Meet the King. The only one that I find slightly boring is Holy the Sea, and even that is still seriously pretty.

There is an official music for one of the songs, Life is Looking Up. But it looks like they made it themselves- and the way that I imagined the characters and the world is nothing near this. I imagine Adakias and Palis to be practically falling apart. To be handsome, but to be covered in this rash… I dont know. And I imagine this more magical world. Obviously they were going for cheap on this.

I’ve watched it a couple times and… I don’t know if this suggests that shes killed and thats why he decides to do what he does? Or if this doesn’t even have anything to do with the storyline of the actual musical…

Also, this was too big to post here, but check out THIS fanart that a friend of mine from High School made. Its freaking amazing.