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Dance@Hero Japan

Well its a new year peeps and we’re back with a whole slew (not really) of new posts and info and things that we can’t wait to share with you!  So to start off the year of (impending doom?) 2012, I made it my resolution (one of many) to learn how to dance, and where do amateur dancers like myself turn to to learn such an art??  YOUTUBE!! Haha, yes YT is full of “how to” videos including dance and so on that fateful search I came upon THIS!


aaand no forgetting the ladies

Who says Asians can’t dance? Well, obviously, they can! This series of dance offs(?) are split into three rounds so far and I think it’s uploaded once a month since the newest round isn’t uploaded yet.  You can watch ALL the dance teams and all the rounds at Dance@Hero Japan YT Channel.  I can honestly say that they improve so much over the span of the three rounds.  Keep an eye out for my favourite teams: タイムマシーン and Team Black Starz 龍太郎!

P.S. And in other news I found this one highly amusing and colorful! (honestly, while I was typing this post I got seriously distracted by NicoNicoDouga dance videos; they always entertain *o* LOL)

Funnies for the Good Humoured

Attn: Apologies before hand to all non-spanish speakers; since these videos aren’t subtitled/translated you might have a terrible time understanding anything but I felt like sharing these vids for those who will understand; KTHNXBAI!

Been severely busy these past few days :/ My new college courses are keeping me on my toes and rather ignorant of anything that isn’t about stocks, trades, and money, but tonight I was feeling stressed and absolutely nostalgic.  So to let off some steam I went “funny videos” hunting on Youtube and fortunately I found this Vlog!  Its created by a guy, Gabriel Montiel, who claims that his Vlog’s goal is to make his watchers laugh and have a good time.  And I must say he does a great job!

This is one of my favourites!

This one killed me! (hay no te creas!)

And for you Twilight fans…

Funny Commercial

Just saw this on TV while watching (freaking awesome) NINJA WARRIOR (<3333333) 

I find it hilarious xD

Japanese Oddities (aka awesomeness)

SO what have I actually shown up to show you guys today???  Well on one of my most bored days I came upon some cat videos on Youtube (willingly searched -.-“) and thought, “holy cow! cats have bowl fetishes!”  What am I talking about??  Well in Japan there’s this oddity called “neko-nabe”  Its an occurance in which if you have a kitten and a bowl the kitty will climb into the bowl and snuggle in it!  Its so grossly cute that it rots your brain with its fluffy goodness >__<

Now, naturally this bowl/pot effect isn’t totally exclusive to Japanese cats (I’m sure other cats do it too) however they are the ones that take time to record it, lol.

Isn’t it just sooo cute?! I might have more cat videos later for your bored viewing!

DejaVu-Koda Kumi

Popular Jpop artist Koda Kumi is set to release her newest album called DejaVu on 3/2/11 (March 2, 2011)

The new album includes:
Limited Edition:
CD + PV + live DVD (Live Yokohama Stadium)

Regular Edition:
CD + DVD (no Yokohama Stadium DVD

Track List Disc 1:
01.Prologue to Dejavu ※new
02.POP DIVA(49th sg「POP DIVA」)
第一興商「LIVE DAM LIVE」CMソング、music.jp TV-CFソング
03.Lollipop(47th sg「Gossip Candy」)
セブンネットショッピング TV-CMソング、music.jp TV-CFソング 、
ソニーエリクソン XPERIA TV CM ソング
04.Okay ※new
05.逢いたくて ※new
06.Passing By ※new
08.Interlude to Dejavu ※new
09.Melting ※new
10.Hey baby! ※new
11.ちょい足しLife ※new
12.あなただけが (48th sg「好きで、好きで、好きで。/あなただけが」)
NHKドラマ10 セカンドバージン主題歌
13.好きで、好きで、好きで。 (48th sg「好きで、好きで、好きで。/あなただけが」)
Kracie いち髪 TV-CFソング、music.jp TV-CFソング
14.Bambi ※new
セブンネットショッピング TV-CMソング
15.I Don’t Love You !?? ※new

Disc 2:
01.POP DIVA(Album Version)
03.め組のひと ※new
04.BE MY BABY ※new
05.Bambi ※new
06.Passing By ※new
09.walk ~to the future~

Live at Yokohama Stadium:
01. Outside Fishbowl
02. Lady Go!
03. Butterfly
04. Driving
05. real Emotion
06. Hot Stuff feat.Blistah
07. Lollipop
08. Dance Part
09. Run For Your Life
10. BUT
11. With your smile

【Part 2】
12. Lick me♥
14. 恋のつぼみ
15. stay

Disc 3 Live at Yokohama Stadium continued
[Part 3]
16. 愛のことば
17. Someday
18. You’ re So Beautiful

19. I’ ll be there
20. Once Again
21. Dance Part
22. Moon Crying
23. 愛のうた

[Part 4]
24. Got To Be Real
25. Dance Part
26. ECSTASY remix
28. No Way
29. you

[Part 5]
30. Can We Go Back
32. Work It Out!
33. 走れ
34. girls

EN1. Single Medley
(Shake It Up~Cherry Girl~D.D.D.~It’s all Love!~WIND remix~COME WITH ME)
EN2. キューティーハニー
EN3. Comes Up
EN4. walk

Source: Koda Kumi Official Website
PS: none of this is translated because my Japanese fails <__<"