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CD Giveaway. (Quick Mention)

Okay, Im excited about this because Im a Oneway fan- but also because- its just a good idea. They’re promoting bands with ACTUAL talent, and I can help by annoying people I know- plus! I get to meet new people! Its like win all around.

And thats not even the actual reward!

Okay, so maybe I should explain what Im talking about… there are a couple of kpop related sites that have come together to do THIS, a CD giveaway. Come back when you’ve read and joined that shit! haha

I dont even REALLY care if I get some random person I’ve never heard of. Why would they be trying to promote fail? They wouldnt. Oh, and Stalk me on twitter while youre at it. AshSkylar.

Piggy Dolls

I was really hoping to love these guys. Atm, I can say that I like them. Its pretty impressive that these girls (Two 19 year olds and a 16 year old) who are also overweight could be performing on stage, for a TV show in a Korea. It kind of suprises me actually.

Honestly, I dont really like the MV for this song- but when I was just listening to it for the voices and reading the lyrics it was amazing. Read the lyrics– Mostly I think I was bothered by it because of the uglyness that is what they were wearing. If I saw it on 2NE1wearing that, I would be just as disgusted. But also because the girl in the back doesnt move.

HOWEVER, I tested like I usually do before deciding if I like a kpop band, by watching it live. I much prefered it live. Even the vocals were better. The short haird chick has a killer voice. Also, they were dancing, together in unison. All of them. It made me feel a little bit better to know that it really is helpful to have dance instructors if you dont want to look like an idiot while dancing. (And being overweight) I have hope for my dancing future! (There isnt one)(I just mean myself on the Wii.)