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Pretty Voices and Pianos (L.Joe and Neil)

I saw this video today and immediately thought of Ash and her love for pretty voices and piano playin men!Thought I would post it for her, but will she like it??…idk.She is a tough person to please in the area of voices lol.

hmm…I love L.Joe’s hands for some reason lol And don’t be mean to Neil because of his super engrish!!It’s cute and you all know that we suck at singing his language lol

More Teen Top!

Welllll since so many people seem to be interested in the jail bait group Teen Top imma share some more information about them. I will use more pictures than words because I know how everyone loves themselves some pictures and less reading lol.

Teen Top debuted in 2010 under the label T.O.P Media(lol at the irony!!) and were founded by Andy Lee from the group Shinhwa. They released their first album titled “Come Into the World” July 9, 2010 and their second album “Transform” January 13, 2011.

Click here for more member info,pics and videos,no shame!