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DejaVu-Koda Kumi

Popular Jpop artist Koda Kumi is set to release her newest album called DejaVu on 3/2/11 (March 2, 2011)

The new album includes:
Limited Edition:
CD + PV + live DVD (Live Yokohama Stadium)

Regular Edition:
CD + DVD (no Yokohama Stadium DVD

Track List Disc 1:
01.Prologue to Dejavu ※new
02.POP DIVA(49th sg「POP DIVA」)
第一興商「LIVE DAM LIVE」CMソング、music.jp TV-CFソング
03.Lollipop(47th sg「Gossip Candy」)
セブンネットショッピング TV-CMソング、music.jp TV-CFソング 、
ソニーエリクソン XPERIA TV CM ソング
04.Okay ※new
05.逢いたくて ※new
06.Passing By ※new
08.Interlude to Dejavu ※new
09.Melting ※new
10.Hey baby! ※new
11.ちょい足しLife ※new
12.あなただけが (48th sg「好きで、好きで、好きで。/あなただけが」)
NHKドラマ10 セカンドバージン主題歌
13.好きで、好きで、好きで。 (48th sg「好きで、好きで、好きで。/あなただけが」)
Kracie いち髪 TV-CFソング、music.jp TV-CFソング
14.Bambi ※new
セブンネットショッピング TV-CMソング
15.I Don’t Love You !?? ※new

Disc 2:
01.POP DIVA(Album Version)
03.め組のひと ※new
04.BE MY BABY ※new
05.Bambi ※new
06.Passing By ※new
09.walk ~to the future~

Live at Yokohama Stadium:
01. Outside Fishbowl
02. Lady Go!
03. Butterfly
04. Driving
05. real Emotion
06. Hot Stuff feat.Blistah
07. Lollipop
08. Dance Part
09. Run For Your Life
10. BUT
11. With your smile

【Part 2】
12. Lick me♥
14. 恋のつぼみ
15. stay

Disc 3 Live at Yokohama Stadium continued
[Part 3]
16. 愛のことば
17. Someday
18. You’ re So Beautiful

19. I’ ll be there
20. Once Again
21. Dance Part
22. Moon Crying
23. 愛のうた

[Part 4]
24. Got To Be Real
25. Dance Part
26. ECSTASY remix
28. No Way
29. you

[Part 5]
30. Can We Go Back
32. Work It Out!
33. 走れ
34. girls

EN1. Single Medley
(Shake It Up~Cherry Girl~D.D.D.~It’s all Love!~WIND remix~COME WITH ME)
EN2. キューティーハニー
EN3. Comes Up
EN4. walk

Source: Koda Kumi Official Website
PS: none of this is translated because my Japanese fails <__<"

Big Bang Funny/Cute Fail Moments!

This is a YouTube video I ran across today full of our beloved Big Bang and their on stage fail moments! It’s so fn cute!!My favorite part would have to be at 1:32 with Taeyang…omg I felt so bad!lol And I love how GD is always the first to laugh his ass off at everyone!*sighs* Love you Big Bang!!

Piggy Dolls

I was really hoping to love these guys. Atm, I can say that I like them. Its pretty impressive that these girls (Two 19 year olds and a 16 year old) who are also overweight could be performing on stage, for a TV show in a Korea. It kind of suprises me actually.

Honestly, I dont really like the MV for this song- but when I was just listening to it for the voices and reading the lyrics it was amazing. Read the lyrics– Mostly I think I was bothered by it because of the uglyness that is what they were wearing. If I saw it on 2NE1wearing that, I would be just as disgusted. But also because the girl in the back doesnt move.

HOWEVER, I tested like I usually do before deciding if I like a kpop band, by watching it live. I much prefered it live. Even the vocals were better. The short haird chick has a killer voice. Also, they were dancing, together in unison. All of them. It made me feel a little bit better to know that it really is helpful to have dance instructors if you dont want to look like an idiot while dancing. (And being overweight) I have hope for my dancing future! (There isnt one)(I just mean myself on the Wii.)