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The Hunger Games Katniss Chosen

 We now have our Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I remembered posting about her previously, but I guess not. I remember thinking that she was the only one suggested so far that I would be fine with, but also assumed that she wasn’t actually being considered… But anyway, I am completely content with her being Katniss. Her character in Winter’s Bone is practically Katniss. We know she’s beautiful, but we are also aware that she is able to act hard. And most happily, I heard her say in an interview that she needed to learn to skin squirrels for Winter’s Bone!

A lot of people are annoyed that they picked a 20 year old to play her, but- they’re going to pick older people to play Petta and Gale too. You don’t want some child kissing 20’some year olds, do you? Besides- she looks pretty young. I think we’re lucky she doesn’t look forty or something. The book has some mature content that she would be better off playing over a 16 year old anyway.

For some reason, fans were also concerned about her being blond. Why? I don’t know. If she can act, she can be MADE to look like Katniss.

Read the original article. It seems that this Jenniffer is quite a strong and powerful, maternal– all that, person. She is also aware that this is one of those books like Harry Potter and Twilight with many hardcore fans- and that she will be in it for three movies. The casting person said it was the easiest decision she ever made casting her. This makes me very happy. Now then, it is time for me to go watch Winter’s Bone. haha

Source: Ew.com

The Hunger Games (4) Katniss

Here’s part of an interesting article my sister found. I will highlight the parts that I found most interesting.

Now in high gear: the quest to find a young woman to anchor “The Hunger Games,” an adaptation of a dark tale of survival and camaraderie that has a serious grip on young readers. The novel by Suzanne Collins opens a trilogy (8.8 million copies in print) about a dystopian future in which kids are picked by lottery for TV stardom followed by a gladiatorial fight to the death. Production on the film is scheduled to begin in the spring, but first filmmakers have to find their Katniss Everdeen, the fiery heroine, an expert archer.

In online polls and plaintive open letters to the filmmakers, fans of the books have campaigned on behalf of actors they envision in key roles. However, a vocal contingent is calling for complete unknowns in the lead roles, saying that’s critical for authenticity. The filmmakers, including director Gary Ross (“Pleasantville,” “Seabiscuit”) have sought to build trust with fans by making the casting process sound as democratic as possible while being careful not to box themselves in.

“It’s not that we won’t consider incredible actors in this age group, but we’re very much open to the people who’ve never been seen before, who could walk in the door and announce themselves,” says Alli Shearmur, president of motion picture production for Lionsgate, the film’s co-producer.

In an industry eager to create the next “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” series, also adapted from books for young readers, some filmmakers say that famous faces could deter audiences with images of the protagonists fixed in their heads. “There’s so much youth-driven stuff going on right now, studios are willing to take chances on unknown actors in many of these roles” because the title is the box-office draw, says Adam Schweitzer, co-head of motion picture talent at International Creative Management.

Inside an art-deco office tower in Los Angeles, casting director Debra Zane puts Katniss candidates through their paces. The script is secret and hasn’t been finalized, so actresses read dialogue typed out from the book. On hand is a Nerf bow-and-arrow set, one of several toy weapons Ms. Zane bought from Amazon.com to help actors slip into character.

Ms. Zane says about 50 actors have tried out in person for role of Katniss (though she declined to name them) and that so far they’ve come through traditional channels. They have included ascendant stars, clients of persuasive talent agents, or actors Ms. Zane has encountered during past jobs.

In an office across the hall, however, submissions are literally piling up from Katniss hopefuls working outside the system. Several plastic tubs hold waist-high stacks of puffy envelopes with handwritten addresses from places such as Swan Lake, N.Y., and Cedar City, Utah. Ms. Zane opens a box from South Korea containing glossy headshots and a neatly penned three-page letter. From another envelope (one that did not include any photographs) she reads from a typical pitch, “I want to be that girl. I can be her! I just have to dye my hair.”

Ms. Zane’s staff is opening every piece of mail, she says, but she’s skeptical that a star is waiting to be discovered in the pile. “If you have that thing, you do find your way here,” she says, referring to Hollywood.

An adjacent office holds yet another potential entry point for aspiring Katnisses, one that reflects the technical changes sweeping the business. On a wide computer monitor is a website run by Breakdown Services, where Ms. Zane’s staff has posted the single paragraph laying out the filmmakers’ broad criteria for Katniss. She should be Caucasian, between ages 15 and 20, who could portray someone “underfed but strong,” and “naturally pretty underneath her tomboyishness.” Since the notice was posted two weeks ago, more than 1,600 resumes had been submitted for the role of Katniss. So far, 25 of these submissions had been moved to a “selected” heading for potential contenders.

I agree with the Katniss they’re looking for. I am also fine with them looking for both already known actors and newbs. This gives me faith that they are actually looking for someone who can BE Katniss.

The rest of this article can be read HERE, but this is all there is on the matter of the Hunger Games. Find more Hunger games posts on TPX – (HERE)