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Big Bang 5th Mini-Album

So its official Big Bang’s latest release will indeed be a mini-album.  Though I’m pretty sure many fans are kind of bummed at the lack of full albums, this new installment of BB’s musical careers has been promised to be the best one ever! Or so says YG, right??  Well regardless of what critics, haters, VIPs, and sasaengs will think about it my bias is pretty hardcore so I’m bound to love whatever BB has to offer.  Here’s the track list released by YG as of today (yesterday in Korea?)

Title tracks have been confirmed to be songs 3 and 4 (Love Dust and Bad Boy respectively), and the last song (#7) is a solo by DaeSung called “Wings”.  As you guys can see GD and Teddy and Choice37 (along with others) worked on this album so its bound to be amazing.  Lets look forward to it and welcome it with lots of LURVE!!

PS: Apparently a February comeback equals on the very last day of February (on the virtual day that isn’t suppose to exist)….. YG logic *shuns*

Return by FTIsland

FTIsland Returns (ha pun) to Korea from their Japanese promotions with the new mini-album Return! IMO its a great mini-album! You get to appreciate Hongki’s great vocals and Seung Hyung’s rap!  Of course all the members make the mini-album great to listen to. The title track is called Hello Hello. It sounds somewhat Jrock-ish but I’m not complaining, haha!

the rest of the mini-album is like so:

Hello Hello [title]
널 갖겠다
널 갖겠다

Support them by buying their mini-album off Yesasia or your preferred retailer!

 AND if you know what to do go below!


Korean Music Fail

The other night on Kpopflash one of the streamers started playing random MVs after inkigayo ended, all of which made me wonder just what the hell are kpop composers thinking when they write their crazy ass song!? So here’s a few songs that you will hopefully not have to suffer thru more than just this once!

Warning: Engrish, Very foul language/Explicit lyrics, All around scary looking/sounding men and women

o__o Nword Nword Nword Monday?!

Yes…she did say that….

Painful I know and scary!


No sense what so ever!

And lastly everyone’s fave jailbait!

*sighs* I love Kpop!


VI Evening Date

Had I been on this date I would not have let Seungri talk to himself the whole time. Definitely make conversation with your favourite idol and get him to notice you should be the plan at all times in those kinds of situations. More power to the lone fanboy! Even Seungri has them, haha!

(I thought YG had already uploaded this on youtube much earlier?)

CD Giveaway. (Quick Mention)

Okay, Im excited about this because Im a Oneway fan- but also because- its just a good idea. They’re promoting bands with ACTUAL talent, and I can help by annoying people I know- plus! I get to meet new people! Its like win all around.

And thats not even the actual reward!

Okay, so maybe I should explain what Im talking about… there are a couple of kpop related sites that have come together to do THIS, a CD giveaway. Come back when you’ve read and joined that shit! haha

I dont even REALLY care if I get some random person I’ve never heard of. Why would they be trying to promote fail? They wouldnt. Oh, and Stalk me on twitter while youre at it. AshSkylar.