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Legend of Korra- Ep. 1-2

The first two episodes of The Legend of Korra have been released, and they are amazing! I don’t want to give away what has already happened in the story, so I’ll just appreciate the new characters.

Korra’s confidence and sarcasm makes her a much more amusing avatar than Aang. Aang was funny because he was childish- Korra is hilarious because shes just so destructive. She’s also somewhat incapable of taking people telling her what to do. So far I’m in love with Tenzin and Bolin. I love how Tenzin is constantly stumbling over words, completely frustrated with Korra’s lack of focus. Bolin seems to be the Sokka of this series. He’s confident and hilarious- which is why Korra instantly befriends him. I also love all three of Tenzin’s kids.

My favorite parts were the parts where the oldest of Tenzin’s kids says, “I will make no such promises.” And the part where Bolin ‘assumes’ that Korra is a water bender.

The writing has already proven it’s going to live up to the original series. I also LOVE the voice acting.

You can watch these two episodes at http://www.korranation.com

The Legend of Korra

Since its now 2011 and not to early to start getting ready for fall and counting down until Legend of Korra is relased- I think I can start stalking sites to find out more about it. For those of you that dont know, or cant tell by the art, Legend of Korra is going to be the– sequel? — to Avatar: The Last Airbender. ((THE CAROON))

Basically, this one is going to take place after Aang dies, triggering the next avatar, Korra. The story takes place in a steam-punk type city where there is an anti bender revolt as well as lots of crime. (this makes me very happy). Aangs son, Tenzin is a main character- his role in the show is to help train the teenage avatar airbending.

Im really excited to see our characters from the old show all old and such~ I wanna see Zuko old, TOPH! I WANNA SEE TOPH AS KICK ASS LIKE BUMI! Well, shell be even more awesome- cause she can bend metal and such! Haha, I dont wanna see Sokka old- I hope hes dead to. haha. That was bad to say, but Sokka is like the love of my life, and I dont want to see him anything but healthy and handsome. (Crushing on teenage cartoons is bad for your health)

PUKES! Not so off topic, I have just become aware of the fact that the live action Avatar the Last Airbender actually made money! More then 115 million! wth. Well, at least Dev will get paid. I still feel upset that he was in such a fail movie. Just to prove my fail- I dressed up as freaking Toph for that movie. I went there at midnight with my appa suffed animal and left there pissed as hell. Oh, I just remembered the drive home, haha. We were SO angry.

Anyway, more on this laters.