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Big Bang- Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby MV’s

Dream High Episodes 14 & 15

Episode 14:
Bwahaha! I was right! Hye Mi, you can’t deny you some Song Sam Dong! Maybe they’ll finally have her remember the fact that she completely stood him up. She has yet to apologize for that crap.

Anyway, that episode was mostly annoying. I skipped almost half the episode. Anytime anyone cried–Anything with Jin Guk and his father. BUT I am pretty dang happy that they’re all a little happy team now. It has just occurred to me that there is only one episode left– so I guess that’s why they all have to get their problems fixed…

Episode 15:
I think I skipped even MORE of this episode, but it was much more entertaining. I have no idea why they put the dad back into the storyline… I guess its GOOD that they only have 16 episodes looks like they didn’t even know what to do for that last two episode.

Anyway, I’m really REALLY happy with our Jason/Pil Suk situation atm. That nose kiss was so freaking cute! I didn’t like how she decided to take control of the kissing after that, but I’m glad they changed the shot to her feet, cause that was super cute as well.

I thought they ended that episode really weird. Anyway, I can just imagine how are last episode is going to be… They debut, they do well- the happy ending!!

Mm, I’m just glad that they have random characters that remind you about the fact this drama is partially a drama, it makes me realize that I shouldnt take all those crappily written sob scenes seriously. There was ONE part that I cried about, and I don’t even remember it. Though I was pretty upset when Song Sam Dong started chasing the bus and crying. I was like, dude! She’s not in there! And she’s all ‘I was yelling for you to stop’ to which I tell her ‘uh, duhhh, he’s going deaf woman!’ I’m thinking I’m not wrong, but I’m still kind of nervous I’m completely misinterpreting the whole Hye Mi falling for SSDong. Why do dramas insist on waiting until the last second to confess! I like to have at LEAST two episodes of cutesy romance…

Either way, looking forward to the last episode!

Pod Casts and UStreams

Recently Jae from Love[Asia]Music reconnected my ears with something I’d found a long time ago and somehow forgotten about. Asian Pop Addict is a group of hilarious friends that, once a week, hosts a podcast where they play music and fill you in on the latest asian pop news. Sometimes they also talk about dramas, and even just as likely- get off topic some.

I love listening to them. They’re funny, they’re charasmatic and they’ve crossed the not so fine line that is perv. You can find their previous 76 podcasts on their site.

They have inspired Rohx, Jae and I to want to do something simular. We dont have the studio- but we do have Rohx. We will be starting Eclecticism this weekend, saturday. Jae will not be able to make the first cast, but Rohx and I are going to work hard to dig up some news and play some fun music. The show will play all languages, but will probably be Korean and Japanese biased.

Make sure you check us both out. If nothing else, you’re bound to get a good laugh. Hope to see you there!