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AM Static & Two Way Radio

Just recently one of my favourite authors wrote a companion fic to my all time favourite story of all freaking time!  My favourite fanfic is called AM Static and the companion fic is called Two Way Radio by Owlpostagain.  They are both absolutely beautiful stories that follow the romantic union between Axel and Roxas via radio and phone.  Its so beautifully written that I had to share it in my fangirl induced gushing!  So I have provided links for everyone to read it because its just that amazing!

Warnings: Kingdom Hearts boy love (no pr0n); Akuroku+Zemyx

AM Static

Two Way Radio

And since I’m already gushing about my favourite Akuroku fics here’s another one of my most favourites of all time a fic called Naivety by CaseyV


Kingdom Hearts is Back!

So guess what people! Some of you might have heard of this already, unfortunately, I just only found out about Square Enix’s recent release of the cellphone game KH re:coded! Well…I knew about it when it was in Japan of course but naturally since I’m not in Japan I hadn’t played it and it had completely slipped my mind until today when I saw it at Best Buy and was like, “HOLYSHIT! that’s not Roxas OR Axel!”  So yeah I bought it without hesitation (or shame -__-“)! Aaand right now I’m gonna tell you guys about it!

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