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Dream High Episodes 14 & 15

Episode 14:
Bwahaha! I was right! Hye Mi, you can’t deny you some Song Sam Dong! Maybe they’ll finally have her remember the fact that she completely stood him up. She has yet to apologize for that crap.

Anyway, that episode was mostly annoying. I skipped almost half the episode. Anytime anyone cried–Anything with Jin Guk and his father. BUT I am pretty dang happy that they’re all a little happy team now. It has just occurred to me that there is only one episode left– so I guess that’s why they all have to get their problems fixed…

Episode 15:
I think I skipped even MORE of this episode, but it was much more entertaining. I have no idea why they put the dad back into the storyline… I guess its GOOD that they only have 16 episodes looks like they didn’t even know what to do for that last two episode.

Anyway, I’m really REALLY happy with our Jason/Pil Suk situation atm. That nose kiss was so freaking cute! I didn’t like how she decided to take control of the kissing after that, but I’m glad they changed the shot to her feet, cause that was super cute as well.

I thought they ended that episode really weird. Anyway, I can just imagine how are last episode is going to be… They debut, they do well- the happy ending!!

Mm, I’m just glad that they have random characters that remind you about the fact this drama is partially a drama, it makes me realize that I shouldnt take all those crappily written sob scenes seriously. There was ONE part that I cried about, and I don’t even remember it. Though I was pretty upset when Song Sam Dong started chasing the bus and crying. I was like, dude! She’s not in there! And she’s all ‘I was yelling for you to stop’ to which I tell her ‘uh, duhhh, he’s going deaf woman!’ I’m thinking I’m not wrong, but I’m still kind of nervous I’m completely misinterpreting the whole Hye Mi falling for SSDong. Why do dramas insist on waiting until the last second to confess! I like to have at LEAST two episodes of cutesy romance…

Either way, looking forward to the last episode!

Dream High – Episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12 didn’t drive me as crazy as episode 10 did. I’m really feeling that, because they know the next day they have another episode to go out, they’re just doing some sort of every other episode is annoying, thing. When I watched 12, 13 wasn’t  subbed yet, and it ended so that I had to go watch the beginning of 13 anyway. Just because I needed to know what was going to happen.

All during 12 I kept striking out on guesses. This persons going to do this and this persons going to do that, and I was wrong every time- so that kind of made me a little happy. (I don’t appreciate dramas that aren’t creative).

I DID, however, SO guess that the reason that Jin Guk punched their director guy was because of Baek Hee. IN FACT! When she was walking in wearing that cute top I was like- oooh, woman, don’t go in there! He’s gonna rape you! (Though I sort of meant it jokingly)

I don’t appreciate that Song Sam Dong and Jin Guk are doing some sort of competition thing… I want SSD to just give up and have her realize she likes him and her have to convince him for a second chance…

I can’t tell if I like the fact that Jason is being super jealous. I don’t mind it with other people, but the world is good and better when IU and Kim Soo Hyun sing together. From time to time she will have to sing with people that aren’t you man… The Jason/Pil Suk coupling is still my favorite part however.

Egh– this drama is only going to be 16 episodes? That doesn’t even make sense… What are they going to be able to accomplish in three more episodes? Somehow the teacher couple is going to have to get together, we have to be content that SSD is going to have a good life, we have to figure out if Hye Mi is actually going to end up with Jin Guk, we need to see if Pil Suk and Hye Mi’s debuts are going to be good– Jin Guk and his dad, Jin Guk and life, Baek Hee and life… I mean, 3 episodes? The pacing for the last three episodes is going to be horrible!

Drama spazz comment time. If you dissagree or agree, let me know.

Dream High – Episodes 10 & 11

Episode ten of Dream High was probably THE most disgusting, just generally horrible thing I’ve seen in some time. The dance battle that went down just humilated my soul- then all the parts with their new friends… OH! And now Hye Mi and Baek Hee are all, we kind of dont mind each other now. Im like, really. REALLY! I just seriously kept saying outloud, NO.

I just thank god that the whole Pil Suk and Jason relationship is freaking adorible, because I have never ever watched a drama where I literally did not want the main relationship to efin happen. When I realized that he was going to see them kiss on the ferris wheel, I was like, hes going to efn go deaf now, isnt he. WHICH by the way, half a damn year went by, Dream High writters. I dont know much about deafness and such, but it was affecting him, then nothing for half a year- almost a year, really, and then they remembered!

But, I decided to go to episode 11, because I needed to know how that went down.

Episode 11 didnt make me TOO upset. It was over before it started. The only good thing that I took from it, however, is that I reallly feel for Song Sam Dong. If I had to lose music, I wouldnt be able to take it. And he actually has talent. Its upsetting because hes more depressed about losing that then the fact that Hye Mi is a ho… My heart kills for that guy. Of all people in the damn dramaworld though, he is going to be okay. I say that lightly, cause hes still gonna be deaf- but, well, you know. Youve seen the drama.

Also, though I’m aware that according to drama law, shes supposed to end up with Jin Gook, I feel like the drama MIGHT be hinting that shes thinking more about Song Sam Dong…maybe not… I dont know. It just could be they forgot how to write or poor acting. Thanks a lot ALEE for pointing that OUT TO ME! (Not really thankful)

All in all, I still like the IDEA of the story line. And, there are a couple characters and relationships that Im hanging in there for. Hell, Im even finding the two teachers relationships to be cute. Id rather watch their drama for an hour then any scenes with Hye Mi and Jin Gook. I just sit there like, yea yea… *checks facebook*

Whatever, Im going to finish the drama, because I want to see the rest of Jason/Pil Suk, the teachers and got to find out what happens with Song Sam Dong!

No spoilers in the comments. (Alee… Trish…)

IU is Talented Afterall.

Well, I stalked some of the people in Dream High to figure out how real their talent is. I had always only known IU together with Marshmellow which hurts my soul. But this clip is pretty freaking impressive!

I was like, shut up audience! Youre ruining it! I watched a lot of her other live stuff, and shes really good. Even in english.

And then here is 2PM practicing for I Hate You- Which is both fancy and funny:

After stalking Taecyeon and Wooyoung, however, I discoverd that one is talented. And one- not so much. haha. It’s nice that you try though Taecyeon- you can only get better with practice! Why’s it gotta be the one that I’m curshing on! haha

Dream High – Episodes 1-7

Dramas that give hopes to fat people by suggesting theres a possibility that someone super hot can see something underneath are the most horrible and misleading dramas out there. (Just noticed in the picture how much weight she loses and feels better about Korea lying to me.)

But this one i can make an acception for, because in its 7 episodes already out it was the best drama that I’ve probably ever seen so far. I started watching Dream High at noon yesterday. I watched it all day, with a two hour break to get things done, and came back to watch it again until midnight. I watched it four 10 hours of my day and don’t feel an ounce of guilt.

For those of you that don’t know what Dream High is. Dream High is a Korean drama that basically follows three main characters in, what I can tell so far, their fight to reach their dreams. (Singing and dancing.) Mm, that sounds cheesey and boring. But I assure you, its not. If you like art (in the form of music) you will like this show. There are even some parts where they’re singing where I’m sure they’re actually singing it there on set. (Not a recording.) The fact that they do have some of the musical numbers recorded is the ONLY reason that I could think of that someone wouldnt like this show.

The story line is really good, everyone in the show seems to be actual good singers. (google time.) Ah, woot! I thought our main character guy looked farmiliar (thought the other one did too, but no) Anyway, hes Taecyeon– he was the brother in Cindrella Sister and also hes in 2PM! Our main charachter GIRL is from the kpop band Miss A. and there is also Wooyoung from 2PM.

I love when dramas are filmed in this season. You can see that they obviously dont heat the sets. You can see their breath in every scene. I also think its kind of funny how in dramas they make asians out to be weak- cant stand in snow or rain without becoming instantly, unable to stand, sick. But in this one theyre biking around and shit. haha. Oh IU is the one that plays the fat chick, wth. haha. And then there is also Ham Eun Jung, fro T-ara

Here is why I currently can’t wait until the next episdoe. (Spoilers: Highlight to read) The episode ended with Kim Soo Hyun’s character not being able to hear for a moment. I knew the moment he woke up that something bad was going to have happened. I thought he was just gonna end up needing some crazy surgery later, but no- it should seem he’s going deaf. Which, for a singer, is not so great. Im hoping that he takes that as a sign and goes and gets checked out as soon as possible. Our main chick is going to be very upset if he does go deaf, because it will be her fault and she was already planning to spend her life paying him back the way it was. I thank you for throwing in something so big, writters, but I hate you at the same time. Pick a character that isnt a damn angel…… (The end of spoiler)

You can watch this drama at many places. The one that I usually use is mysoju.com. Once you’ve watched, do come back to fangirl with me. The episodes come out monday and tuesday everyweek- and should be 16 episodes long. This makes me happy, because they didnt even start classes until around episode 5. I still dont know where the drama is going. Besides the obvious from the spoiler above. *waits for next update*