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Dream High – Episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12 didn’t drive me as crazy as episode 10 did. I’m really feeling that, because they know the next day they have another episode to go out, they’re just doing some sort of every other episode is annoying, thing. When I watched 12, 13 wasn’t  subbed yet, and it ended so that I had to go watch the beginning of 13 anyway. Just because I needed to know what was going to happen.

All during 12 I kept striking out on guesses. This persons going to do this and this persons going to do that, and I was wrong every time- so that kind of made me a little happy. (I don’t appreciate dramas that aren’t creative).

I DID, however, SO guess that the reason that Jin Guk punched their director guy was because of Baek Hee. IN FACT! When she was walking in wearing that cute top I was like- oooh, woman, don’t go in there! He’s gonna rape you! (Though I sort of meant it jokingly)

I don’t appreciate that Song Sam Dong and Jin Guk are doing some sort of competition thing… I want SSD to just give up and have her realize she likes him and her have to convince him for a second chance…

I can’t tell if I like the fact that Jason is being super jealous. I don’t mind it with other people, but the world is good and better when IU and Kim Soo Hyun sing together. From time to time she will have to sing with people that aren’t you man… The Jason/Pil Suk coupling is still my favorite part however.

Egh– this drama is only going to be 16 episodes? That doesn’t even make sense… What are they going to be able to accomplish in three more episodes? Somehow the teacher couple is going to have to get together, we have to be content that SSD is going to have a good life, we have to figure out if Hye Mi is actually going to end up with Jin Guk, we need to see if Pil Suk and Hye Mi’s debuts are going to be good– Jin Guk and his dad, Jin Guk and life, Baek Hee and life… I mean, 3 episodes? The pacing for the last three episodes is going to be horrible!

Drama spazz comment time. If you dissagree or agree, let me know.