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New To My Ears (7)

My whole family was out of house the other day, and I was able to listen to music loud. I blared anything with a really good beat- and then when searching for others.

Thought I would share two of my favorite finds.

First off, from a remixer who calls himself Kerosin. Headlock, Imogen Heap.

I didn’t look very hard, but I didnt see much beyond his myspace- and he hasn’t logged in since 2009.

DJ NiKiM on the other hand, is still keeping on. Of his remixes, this is the one I am most in love with.

He mostly has mashups between an American song and an Asian song. Here is my favorite mashup that contradicts that last sentence:

I liked Don’t Trust Me, but this made it sound like a pretty song~

He is also apparently a dancer/choreographer. (And joined youtube on Top’s Birthday…)

To listen to more of the remixes I found, you can stalk this playlist.