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Solitary- Season 1- Germany

Rohx and I have taken our obsession with Solitary to a new level. We decided to start watching Season 1 of Germany’s version of the show. Without subs.

This version has 9 celebs going head to head, unlike the american version. Also unlike the american version, they know who they’re up against. Also, we aren’t sure, but we suspect they weren’t entirely sure what they were getting themselves into when they said yes to becoming contestants on the show.

We are currently on episode 2. Right away in episode 1 we agreed that we hated number 8 and wanted him out- directly after we declared our hate for him he quit, which was quite funny. Currently we have picked 9 as our favorite. Partly because he’s beautiful, and also because he is a killer competitor. He’s won just about everything so far.

They made up some of the littler tasks in the show, but currently are reusing the standing on nails treatment. I see that they’re also going to be reusing the one where they have to carry their body weight around in circles. I am actually appreciative of this because we don’t understand anything that’s said. It’s very clean and easy to follow like the US version. Earlier we tried the Brazilian one and I was so distraught. They would have one task and then suddenly be doing something else.

I’m curious what they win if they make it to the end? In the US version they win 50k- I would assume its the same, but we only know how to say 1-9, I, weiner and shit in german…So we have trouble from time to time following along.

If you’re interested, you can join us HERE. The first episode is almost pure introductions, but it turns out to be kind of useful for figuring out what they do and how tough they might be.

We will begin Ep. 3 tomorrow.

Two of the contestants are musicians, so I decided to look them up- Here are Martin…

Mind you he also sings hardcore and in german- but this what I could stand to listen to. And LiZA…

NOT a fan of that either- but… She is one strong woman!