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Solitary: One is Truly the Loneliest Number

A few weeks back my fellow Internet addict, Ash, introduced me to a really disturbingly addictive reality TV show called Solitary.  Tho why she didn’t post about it herself is beyond me.

At first if feels like you’re getting sick enjoyment from watching people go through these intense treatments and tests but eventually that feeling wears off as you get more and more intrigued, you literally will want to keep watching to see who will be the next person to quit.  My favourtie season is season 2! But you really need to start watching from the first season to really get an understanding for the game.

This is my favourite episode!! I was laughing so hard!! He was my second favourite in this season!

Anyway you guys should so watch this series! Its amazing and addictive and just plain awesome! Here are the links for you guys to watch it for free and with plenty of commercial interruptions! 8D

Solitrary episode One: The Experiment Begins

Solitary Season/Episode Index