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C.A.P and L.Joe’s Twitter Fan Boy Spazz!

Teen Top C.A.P spoke highly of TOP, “I wanna be like Bigbang TOP. A few days ago I saw him in the waiting room and while I was talking to him, I kinda felt like I became a commoner seeing a noble. I also have a dream to perform on a stage with him but I’m not sure since we both have low voices.”

While his member Teen Top L.JOE also spoke of G-Dragon, “I’ve liked G-Dragon since the song “Heart Breaker” was released. His eyes are so sexy. I had a chance to get to know him a few days ago in a waiting room and honestly I was more nervous than when I was on my debut stage. For real, it was the first time that I realized a man can be that gorgeous. but I couldn’t say anything because I was too nervous. If I have a chance to meet him again and talk to him… um, I’m gonna ask him to remember my name.”

Source: Huisu Yoon Fan Page and Big Bang Updates

OMG!!!THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! C.A.P pretty much thinks of T.O.P as a fn king and L.Joe totally has a man crush on G.D!!!…His eyes are so sexy L.Joe?lol Gotta love that fan boy spazz.♥♥

Teen Top….and Jail bait

So recently I’ve been looking at the group Teen Top because of the Supa Luv(soup love) song that I love so much and I can’t say that I absolutely love them but they are oh so very adorable and….underage for my thoughts >_>. Apparently Teen Top looks up to Big Bang which makes me aww super hard and like them even more. The TT rappers both idolize GD and T.O.P, L.Joe-GD and C.A.P-T.O.P. They are fan boys and I love it!!

And the story of the jail bait is that…I have developed a smallish crush on L.Joe and he is like 17 and I’m 19 about to be fn 20 >_<. He is so cute though!!gah! I have to control my imagination when it comes to him so that I don’t burn any moral lines in my head lol. If it makes it any better I think the 19 year old rapper,C.A.P, is hot!lol

Teen Top meeting GD and T.O.P