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Korean Music Fail

The other night on Kpopflash one of the streamers started playing random MVs after inkigayo ended, all of which made me wonder just what the hell are kpop composers thinking when they write their crazy ass song!? So here’s a few songs that you will hopefully not have to suffer thru more than just this once!

Warning: Engrish, Very foul language/Explicit lyrics, All around scary looking/sounding men and women

o__o Nword Nword Nword Monday?!

Yes…she did say that….

Painful I know and scary!


No sense what so ever!

And lastly everyone’s fave jailbait!

*sighs* I love Kpop!


Big Bang Funny/Cute Fail Moments!

This is a YouTube video I ran across today full of our beloved Big Bang and their on stage fail moments! It’s so fn cute!!My favorite part would have to be at 1:32 with Taeyang…omg I felt so bad!lol And I love how GD is always the first to laugh his ass off at everyone!*sighs* Love you Big Bang!!

Seungri’s Imitations and Fail!

This is Seungri doing imitations of GD, TOP, IU, Se7en and Taeyang and they are hilarious but the funniest part would be at :39 in the video where he ran into the glass door!!LMAO it’s always funny to me when people do that!…*sighs* Seungri FAIL!!but it was a cute one.