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OH MY GOD THEY’RE EXTRA HOT AND CUTE IN THIS!!They are so sexy in their normal clothes…..*stares more*<3

My gift for you all today lol

DJ Baby Yu!

This adorable man up there is Dj Baby Yu everyone!He is known as “The Remix Kid” and I totally understand why! I had first heard him on one of my local urban radio stations like last week or so and he was mixing all kinds of things together and I danced and sang pretty much throughout his whole session!! Everyone kept calling up to the station to welcome him back to the show and to tell him how amazing he was, and were just being blown away by the stuff he put together. This made me google him and I foiund out that he is asian and sooo adorable!lol. Baby Yu is Toronto/Atlanta based im assuming based on stuff im reading and he mixes just about everything and anything together and it’s awwweeesoommmeeee*in singing voice*

His websites are babyyu.com and theremixkid.blogspot.com Both these sites have some of his remixes and mix tapes on it.
Please check him out! I’d do the same for you<3

Teen Top- No More Perfume on You MV

Our Favorite Jail Bait is Back!!lol So I believe Teen Top released this video last week or something. I think that this song is just as good as their other songs. I listen to it on repeat and everything lol. As usual, I really don’t understand the video, but that never stops me from watching it. According to the youtube commenters it’s about cheating?…BAD CHUNJI!lo

They are ohh so adorable in this video and getting a tad bit older. Their dancing in this video is awesome and it gave me a cute Shinee vibe which I like<3


Big Bang Funny/Cute Fail Moments!

This is a YouTube video I ran across today full of our beloved Big Bang and their on stage fail moments! It’s so fn cute!!My favorite part would have to be at 1:32 with Taeyang…omg I felt so bad!lol And I love how GD is always the first to laugh his ass off at everyone!*sighs* Love you Big Bang!!