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MMORPG King of Acronyms

Ever walked into a book store and seen those “sci-fi” literary versions of WoW (World of Warcraft)?  I’m sure there is some WoWfreak out there freakish enough to actually buy them and read them (and worse enjoy them!).  I had a friend who read Halo books for fun (so they do exist).  However, the book I bring to you guys today is not as shamefully nerdy as a WoW book but it definitely mentions things that only WoW gamers would understand!

Today, I bring to you For the Win (by Cory Doctorow) a book about gamers from all around the world uniting to receive better wages.  What are they getting paid to do?  Well, to play of course!  In For the Win, gamers are hired by big time factory owners to “gold farm”. Gold farming is when players get together to make as much “in-game” gold as possible then “sell” it for real money (like dollars or yuans or laks/rupees).   Gold is the in-game currency a player buys things with within the game.  The more in-game gold the more real money you can trade it for.  However, those players are paid minimum wages while the owners gain the most revenue.  Well those players fight back and try to unionize the gold-farming industry.

It’s an interesting book in my opinion, however, there are strong economic references that can confuse the hell out of a reader who isn’t familiar with the inner workings of supply and demand and/or product value.  Also for those who aren’t so much the gamer type there are many words and references to MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that can also confuse readers.  He does a good job of explaining or inferring the meaning of some of the lingo being used here, but mostly to really like this book you have to have some knowledge or some understanding for MMOs (and why/how they can be so addicting).  Those would really be the only cons to this book.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Tom Felton on Conan

Watched this the other night and thought I might share.

This was HILARIOUS! Tom Felton reacted perfectly to all the questions Conan asked. I was laughing so hard when Conan mentions fanfictions. I myself wrote Drarry fanfictions in my day and– well, even though my Harry and Draco were written before the movies, it creeps me out to think that actors for their characters might have been reading any slash. Just another reason I’m glad I’m not famous.

The Hunger Games (4) Katniss

Here’s part of an interesting article my sister found. I will highlight the parts that I found most interesting.

Now in high gear: the quest to find a young woman to anchor “The Hunger Games,” an adaptation of a dark tale of survival and camaraderie that has a serious grip on young readers. The novel by Suzanne Collins opens a trilogy (8.8 million copies in print) about a dystopian future in which kids are picked by lottery for TV stardom followed by a gladiatorial fight to the death. Production on the film is scheduled to begin in the spring, but first filmmakers have to find their Katniss Everdeen, the fiery heroine, an expert archer.

In online polls and plaintive open letters to the filmmakers, fans of the books have campaigned on behalf of actors they envision in key roles. However, a vocal contingent is calling for complete unknowns in the lead roles, saying that’s critical for authenticity. The filmmakers, including director Gary Ross (“Pleasantville,” “Seabiscuit”) have sought to build trust with fans by making the casting process sound as democratic as possible while being careful not to box themselves in.

“It’s not that we won’t consider incredible actors in this age group, but we’re very much open to the people who’ve never been seen before, who could walk in the door and announce themselves,” says Alli Shearmur, president of motion picture production for Lionsgate, the film’s co-producer.

In an industry eager to create the next “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” series, also adapted from books for young readers, some filmmakers say that famous faces could deter audiences with images of the protagonists fixed in their heads. “There’s so much youth-driven stuff going on right now, studios are willing to take chances on unknown actors in many of these roles” because the title is the box-office draw, says Adam Schweitzer, co-head of motion picture talent at International Creative Management.

Inside an art-deco office tower in Los Angeles, casting director Debra Zane puts Katniss candidates through their paces. The script is secret and hasn’t been finalized, so actresses read dialogue typed out from the book. On hand is a Nerf bow-and-arrow set, one of several toy weapons Ms. Zane bought from Amazon.com to help actors slip into character.

Ms. Zane says about 50 actors have tried out in person for role of Katniss (though she declined to name them) and that so far they’ve come through traditional channels. They have included ascendant stars, clients of persuasive talent agents, or actors Ms. Zane has encountered during past jobs.

In an office across the hall, however, submissions are literally piling up from Katniss hopefuls working outside the system. Several plastic tubs hold waist-high stacks of puffy envelopes with handwritten addresses from places such as Swan Lake, N.Y., and Cedar City, Utah. Ms. Zane opens a box from South Korea containing glossy headshots and a neatly penned three-page letter. From another envelope (one that did not include any photographs) she reads from a typical pitch, “I want to be that girl. I can be her! I just have to dye my hair.”

Ms. Zane’s staff is opening every piece of mail, she says, but she’s skeptical that a star is waiting to be discovered in the pile. “If you have that thing, you do find your way here,” she says, referring to Hollywood.

An adjacent office holds yet another potential entry point for aspiring Katnisses, one that reflects the technical changes sweeping the business. On a wide computer monitor is a website run by Breakdown Services, where Ms. Zane’s staff has posted the single paragraph laying out the filmmakers’ broad criteria for Katniss. She should be Caucasian, between ages 15 and 20, who could portray someone “underfed but strong,” and “naturally pretty underneath her tomboyishness.” Since the notice was posted two weeks ago, more than 1,600 resumes had been submitted for the role of Katniss. So far, 25 of these submissions had been moved to a “selected” heading for potential contenders.

I agree with the Katniss they’re looking for. I am also fine with them looking for both already known actors and newbs. This gives me faith that they are actually looking for someone who can BE Katniss.

The rest of this article can be read HERE, but this is all there is on the matter of the Hunger Games. Find more Hunger games posts on TPX – (HERE)

The Hunger Games (3)

*Wipes tears out of eyes* This just made me cry SO hard. This is the most amazing thing ever! This follows the books explaination almost perfectly! That is one freaking amazing Katniss! Apparently she’s going up for the part, and I am perfectly freaking fine with her being Katniss~!

Also, it says in the comments that after Lionsgate announces who the cast is going to be, they will decide if theyre going to post another one they made which they call the ‘cave scene’. That means a Petta/Katniss scene which I need them the post NOW. They’re so damn good!

The girl who plays Katniss is Danielle Chuchran. From her wikipedia and IMDb she doesnt seem like she can be Katniss- but we’ve just seen that she CAN. She is also the perfect age to be our dear Katniss~ Her demo roll on IMDb pretty much says she can do ANYTHING.

Also, I dont know where he got this info, but a friend of mine said the movie has a 60million dollar freaking budget! Movies like Avatar took about 500m to make- True Grit, something like 100m. Is 60m going to be enough to do all of that Capitol and Trackerjackers and such? Feel like I need to go out and start fundraising for them or something… BUT, I dont think that can be right because, freaking WORST MOVIE EVER! (The Last Airbender) cost 280m to make…

Also, I know I said before that Chloe Moretz shouldnt be Katniss- but I just found out that shes almost 15 and shes also Hit Girl from Kick Ass- so shes already had a place in an action movie. Also, from the little bit of talking in THESE clips of her, she sounds like a good actress~ I’ll have to see the movie to be a better judge.
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Jogging thru the Labyrinth

Hello people! Today’s post involves a pair of books I finished reading and I would be more than ecstatic to share them with you!  The book is called The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.

The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner

Click the Cut to find out more about these two very awesome/interesting books!

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