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Big Bang- Blue MV

From their new mini album, Alive. I already have two preordered. One of all BB and one with the T.O.P cover. We shall see what happens to that second copy of the poster. Wish they had individuals to go with the seperate members cds…

If you’re interested in pre-ordering your copy, you can do so HERE. I got mine the day after they went from 12 dollars to 16… I was too slow about that shiz.

Natural Born Charmer – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

You know a book is good when, even though its nearly 400 pages, I read it every moment of my free time- (an maybe even when Im not supposed to be.) Set it down only to sleep and eat. (Turns out Im a VERY slow reader) Natural Born Charmer is probably one of the best books Ive read in my lifetime so far. Every page I read I was practically rolling on the ground laughing. If you like romantic comedies, then you would love this book.

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips tells the story of Dean and Blue, two people who grew up without families. Blue is working as a Beaver when Dean comes driving through town. Hoping to be distracted from his own depressing thoughts, he stops the car and asks her if she needs a ride. Blue and Dean are instantly inseperable, needing and using eachother before they even know each others name.

Dean and Blue are witty and constantly ripping on each other. Dean is always telling Blue she cant dress, and Blue is constantly calling him gay. Other main characters include a crazy old lady who is determind to hate everyone and a little girl who needs a family. The story takes place on a farm, in a small down in Tenessee. I would think thats enough to make you want to read it.

I find myself constantly thinking about it. Just about every song has some sort of line that reminds me of something they said or did. (reminds me that I want what they had) The characters were also dancing all the time.