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OH MY GOD THEY’RE EXTRA HOT AND CUTE IN THIS!!They are so sexy in their normal clothes…..*stares more*<3

My gift for you all today lol

Big Bang- Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby MV’s

Big Bang- Blue MV

From their new mini album, Alive. I already have two preordered. One of all BB and one with the T.O.P cover. We shall see what happens to that second copy of the poster. Wish they had individuals to go with the seperate members cds…

If you’re interested in pre-ordering your copy, you can do so HERE. I got mine the day after they went from 12 dollars to 16… I was too slow about that shiz.

Big Bang 5th Mini-Album

So its official Big Bang’s latest release will indeed be a mini-album.  Though I’m pretty sure many fans are kind of bummed at the lack of full albums, this new installment of BB’s musical careers has been promised to be the best one ever! Or so says YG, right??  Well regardless of what critics, haters, VIPs, and sasaengs will think about it my bias is pretty hardcore so I’m bound to love whatever BB has to offer.  Here’s the track list released by YG as of today (yesterday in Korea?)

Title tracks have been confirmed to be songs 3 and 4 (Love Dust and Bad Boy respectively), and the last song (#7) is a solo by DaeSung called “Wings”.  As you guys can see GD and Teddy and Choice37 (along with others) worked on this album so its bound to be amazing.  Lets look forward to it and welcome it with lots of LURVE!!

PS: Apparently a February comeback equals on the very last day of February (on the virtual day that isn’t suppose to exist)….. YG logic *shuns*

Fun Theory and Living in the Fast Lane

Hey peeps! Was looking thru facebook and our dear friend Jae posted a video that I found quite entertaining.  The VolksWagen initiative to get people to live unconventionally (would that be right?).  From actually using stairs, to actually enjoying elevator rides, throwing trash away and skater buggy to stair slides these VolksWagen commercials are changing things a little bit for the better.  Check them out.

According to VW making usually tedious things fun changes people’s behaviour.

If things look fun more people are willing to try them.

Sorry for the video spam, lol, but I think these videos are rather innovative.  Perhaps some of these things should be done in the US to get people more aware of their surroundings, get more people to throw away their trash, or go up the stairs instead of the escalator.  Though I don’t know how well that would go about since people here seem to be lacking more and more in respect for public places.  Things like piano stairs might get vandalized easily.  -.-”  BUT I have faith in the citizens of my country!!  8D  Hope you enjoyed the vids!

G the sexy Dragon

Do I really need to describe what’s so freaking awesome about this pic?  No, I didn’t think so.  It speaks for itself!


So, its a commonly known fact that I (Rohx) currently (and have always) reside in the amazing state that is Texas!  I’m sure most of you non-Texans stereotype Texas as a freakishly hot desert, full of tumble-weeds and cowboys… Well you would not be incorrect, hah! (tho not all of Texas is desert or tumble-weed infested).  Anyway, Texas gets amazingly hot every year. So hot even that walking 5 minutes outside makes you sweat buckets and your panties stick to your butt!  So how do we Texans fend off this most offensive attack on our body??  We head on down to New Braunfels!! The home of one of the best waterparks in the WORLD! Ladies and Gents, Schlitterbahn is your ticket to refreshment from those hideous summer days!!

I’ve actually been on all those rides and they’re amazing!!  This is my favourite place to end the day at the big wave thing that almost drowns you with its power!

The stream rides are also most entertaining and a great place to start your trip!! The water is uber cold tho! >__<

I love going to Schlitterbahn! My family and I have gone every year for the past 4 years and enjoy it every time!  So now you know if you’re ever in Texas, raging to get the hell out of the sun head on over to Schlitterbahn and cool down in their freakishly cold water rapid rides!!

For more info go here: Schlitterbahn