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B2ST- Fiction

I am absolutely in love with this song. Sorry to Big Bang, but this is probably going to be the song I use to get people into kpop from now on. I found this because of the kpop music monday this week- with Simon and Martina- HERE.

Martina is right, the dance is freaking awesome. If I ever wanted to learn a dance to one of the songs I obsess over- its this one.

I dont really like the mv, and the writing is obnoxious. But I dont need to pay attention to those. I like how you can hear the base guitar too– that is kind of rare in… pop. haha

Multi Names and Kpop Lingo

As I dig deeper into the Kpop/Korean music culture, I find that — fans are LAZY. haha. Here are some of the kpop shorcuts that you might find yourself being confused about.

BJ’s – 2NE1 fans. Short for ‘Black Jacks’
V.I.P’s- These are Big Bang Fans.
E.L.F’s-Super Junior (EverLasting Friends)
Cassiopeias- DBSK
Sone’s- SNSD+One.
B2UTY- B2ST (Thats actually cute)
Aff(x)tion- f(x)
A+ —MBLAQ-Because all the members have blood type A.
Kiss Me- U-Kiss

More Here.

Also, for Big Bang fans-(I wish I had found this when I was just getting into Big Bang)- You’ll notice as you’re trying to memorize the BB members, that they sometimes go by more then one name. Here is a quick list.

G-Dragon: Kwon Ji-yong, Ji-yong, GD
Daesung: Kang Daesung, D-lite, Ssongie
Taeyang: Dong Young-bae, TY, YB, Sol
Seungri: Lee Seung Hyun, V.I, Victory, Tori, Baby
T.O.P: Choi Seung Hyun, Tempo, Tabi