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New To My Ears (8)

I went for a swing yesterday while listening to pandora.

The blisters from two hours of swinging, worth it.

Big Bangs Greatest Critiques

Ash Skylar: egh. There is something WRONG with a picture when I look at it and think- seungri is the only good thing about this…
Rohxez: what pic?
Ash Skylar: egh, and all the titles for the album do not make me excited.
Ash Skylar: dont they already have a song called hands up?

Rohxez: yup from the tell me goodbye mini album in japan
Ash Skylar: so then there is really only five new songs.
Ash Skylar: I do like gd hair though. *stares*
Rohxez: i like GD’s hair too
Rohxez: and Daesung looks so different some how
Rohxez: maybe cause his hair is black? its always brown
Rohxez: he looks really good
Ash Skylar: just that slight — mm, I thought he was more of a readhead
Ash Skylar: haha
Rohxez: it makes his face look slimmer
Ash Skylar: hm, thats true…
Ash Skylar: *stares*
Rohxez: TOP is a no..
Ash Skylar: I didnt mind his hair- its just coat that kills me
Ash Skylar: haha, I think it would be fine with normal clothes
Ash Skylar: but that suit– *gags*
Ash Skylar: *seriously gags*
Rohxez: i love daesungs jacket lol
Rohxez: Taeyangs jacket should go too
Rohxez: and TOP just needs to change completely
Rohxez: and style his hair differently
Rohxez: it looks like he combed it back like draco or something
Ash Skylar: I dont mind his hair– at all, but that damn suit seriously disgusts me
Rohxez: his pants disgust me
Rohxez: and his shoes..
Ash Skylar: and that shirt and… egh
Rohxez: and that thing iat his middle
Ash Skylar: lol
Rohxez: yeah and his shirt
Ash Skylar: Yes, everything abou that outfit is nasty
Rohxez: he could make the blazer work tho
Rohxez: i like it
Ash Skylar: *dis a grees*
Rohxez: lol xD
Ash Skylar: Okay, Ive decided there is nothing about GD that I dont like…
Rohxez: GD and Seungri and Dae look hella fine to me
Ash Skylar: He reminds me– breakfast club…
Rohxez: ugh i love GD’s shirt
Rohxez: his pants
Ash Skylar: I will now completely agree with you there
Rohxez: his gloves
Rohxez: his boots
Rohxez: his HAIR!
Rohxez: *dies* i love GD
Ash Skylar: *nods*
Rohxez: Seungri is so simple looking but he looks good anyway
Rohxez: i just hope that sweater thing isnt a turtle neck or it will have to go too
Rohxez: Dae also looks very pale
Rohxez: GD makes me wanna get blond hair!
Rohxez: if i was a guy my hair would be blond right now
Ash Skylar: It is a turtle neck
Rohxez: ugh seungri needs to get rid of it
Rohxez: and get like a wide neck sweater

Ash Skylar: Cafe is a stupid name for a song.
Rohxez: somebody to love was also in the japanese mini
Ash Skylar: Egh…
Rohxez: and i disagree on the name
Rohxez: its a good name for a vague song
Rohxez: Tae’s jacket has GOT to go for real
Rohxez: i hope he doesnt promote in it
Rohxez: and from the side i dont mind TOPs hair anymore
Rohxez: and it looks like TOP’s body is kinda close to Dae’s there for a bit haha
Ash Skylar: I feel like Ive seen him wear it on stage before…
Rohxez: i havent seen it on him (thank god)
Rohxez: im telling you that jacket on TOP doesnt look as gross from the side and without the pants
Rohxez: it looks nice on him
Ash Skylar: *still hates*