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Music Bank and Inkigayo Winners

For Musicbank which airs on friday nights (1am Central US time) Secret’s song Shy Boy won.

And Inkigayo (airs Saturday nights 1am Central US time) Seungri wins!! YAY!! *is biased*

Kingdom Hearts is Back!

So guess what people! Some of you might have heard of this already, unfortunately, I just only found out about Square Enix’s recent release of the cellphone game KH re:coded! Well…I knew about it when it was in Japan of course but naturally since I’m not in Japan I hadn’t played it and it had completely slipped my mind until today when I saw it at Best Buy and was like, “HOLYSHIT! that’s not Roxas OR Axel!”  So yeah I bought it without hesitation (or shame -__-“)! Aaand right now I’m gonna tell you guys about it!

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Jogging thru the Labyrinth

Hello people! Today’s post involves a pair of books I finished reading and I would be more than ecstatic to share them with you!  The book is called The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.

The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner

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Multi Names and Kpop Lingo

As I dig deeper into the Kpop/Korean music culture, I find that — fans are LAZY. haha. Here are some of the kpop shorcuts that you might find yourself being confused about.

BJ’s – 2NE1 fans. Short for ‘Black Jacks’
V.I.P’s- These are Big Bang Fans.
E.L.F’s-Super Junior (EverLasting Friends)
Cassiopeias- DBSK
Sone’s- SNSD+One.
B2UTY- B2ST (Thats actually cute)
Aff(x)tion- f(x)
A+ —MBLAQ-Because all the members have blood type A.
Kiss Me- U-Kiss

More Here.

Also, for Big Bang fans-(I wish I had found this when I was just getting into Big Bang)- You’ll notice as you’re trying to memorize the BB members, that they sometimes go by more then one name. Here is a quick list.

G-Dragon: Kwon Ji-yong, Ji-yong, GD
Daesung: Kang Daesung, D-lite, Ssongie
Taeyang: Dong Young-bae, TY, YB, Sol
Seungri: Lee Seung Hyun, V.I, Victory, Tori, Baby
T.O.P: Choi Seung Hyun, Tempo, Tabi