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Take Off – 2PM

And following my last post here is 2PM’s latest (and I think first) Japanese single called Take Off.

As mentioned before this is the ending theme to the anime Ao no Exorcist and the characters actually do a mini dance during the ending that is just like the “take off” dance that 2PM does in this MV! Its so cute, haha!  Tho I do feel that the rest of the choreo isn’t very good but thats just my opinion. Big Bang needs to get with it and get their own anime theme!!

Ao no Exorcist [Blue Exorcist]

Ao no Exorcist is Aniplex’s newest anime and it seems to be making it into the popularity polls pretty high up.

The animation is great! Seamless and NOT shiny!  I almost thought it was a Square Enix anime! (I am Squeenix biased lol).

Its got a very basic story-line as is expected of a shounen title.  Boy with strange powers is rejected by general public and seeks strength to prove self and/or protect/avenge loved ones(friendship, struggle, victory).  However the actual development of Rin (the main character) and as to WHY he becomes an Exorcist is a real twist that couldn’t have (or could have depending on how versed you are in the workings of shounen anime) been guessed at! Wish I could say more but that would entail a SPOILER ALERT that I’d rather not incur! SO CHECK IT OUT!! Its worth it!!

Its funny and entertaining and is proving to become even more popular in the future as the story fully unfolds. Check it out at Crunchyroll and support the creators by joining the CR community! Its cheap AND legal!  but then again since when do most otaku concern themselves with getting anime legally????

OP: Core Pride by Uverworld

ED: Take Off by 2PM (believe it or not!)

Love the ending! especially the tiny part where the characters do 2PM’s dance moves in the MV! So cute!!

Eye Candy for Me(star):Junho!

Well for those of you who do not know….or even cared to know >_> This sexy man im spazzing about is Junho from 2PM. Usually just known for his small eyes, bright smile and nice behind, now you all know that he also has a BAD ASS BODY!!*drools*.This picture was taken in one of the Calvin Klein ads of 2PM aka The Shirtless Ads. How could you not think he is sexy?!Please tell me it’s not just me lol

IU is Talented Afterall.

Well, I stalked some of the people in Dream High to figure out how real their talent is. I had always only known IU together with Marshmellow which hurts my soul. But this clip is pretty freaking impressive!

I was like, shut up audience! Youre ruining it! I watched a lot of her other live stuff, and shes really good. Even in english.

And then here is 2PM practicing for I Hate You- Which is both fancy and funny:

After stalking Taecyeon and Wooyoung, however, I discoverd that one is talented. And one- not so much. haha. It’s nice that you try though Taecyeon- you can only get better with practice! Why’s it gotta be the one that I’m curshing on! haha

Dream High – Episodes 1-7

Dramas that give hopes to fat people by suggesting theres a possibility that someone super hot can see something underneath are the most horrible and misleading dramas out there. (Just noticed in the picture how much weight she loses and feels better about Korea lying to me.)

But this one i can make an acception for, because in its 7 episodes already out it was the best drama that I’ve probably ever seen so far. I started watching Dream High at noon yesterday. I watched it all day, with a two hour break to get things done, and came back to watch it again until midnight. I watched it four 10 hours of my day and don’t feel an ounce of guilt.

For those of you that don’t know what Dream High is. Dream High is a Korean drama that basically follows three main characters in, what I can tell so far, their fight to reach their dreams. (Singing and dancing.) Mm, that sounds cheesey and boring. But I assure you, its not. If you like art (in the form of music) you will like this show. There are even some parts where they’re singing where I’m sure they’re actually singing it there on set. (Not a recording.) The fact that they do have some of the musical numbers recorded is the ONLY reason that I could think of that someone wouldnt like this show.

The story line is really good, everyone in the show seems to be actual good singers. (google time.) Ah, woot! I thought our main character guy looked farmiliar (thought the other one did too, but no) Anyway, hes Taecyeon– he was the brother in Cindrella Sister and also hes in 2PM! Our main charachter GIRL is from the kpop band Miss A. and there is also Wooyoung from 2PM.

I love when dramas are filmed in this season. You can see that they obviously dont heat the sets. You can see their breath in every scene. I also think its kind of funny how in dramas they make asians out to be weak- cant stand in snow or rain without becoming instantly, unable to stand, sick. But in this one theyre biking around and shit. haha. Oh IU is the one that plays the fat chick, wth. haha. And then there is also Ham Eun Jung, fro T-ara

Here is why I currently can’t wait until the next episdoe. (Spoilers: Highlight to read) The episode ended with Kim Soo Hyun’s character not being able to hear for a moment. I knew the moment he woke up that something bad was going to have happened. I thought he was just gonna end up needing some crazy surgery later, but no- it should seem he’s going deaf. Which, for a singer, is not so great. Im hoping that he takes that as a sign and goes and gets checked out as soon as possible. Our main chick is going to be very upset if he does go deaf, because it will be her fault and she was already planning to spend her life paying him back the way it was. I thank you for throwing in something so big, writters, but I hate you at the same time. Pick a character that isnt a damn angel…… (The end of spoiler)

You can watch this drama at many places. The one that I usually use is mysoju.com. Once you’ve watched, do come back to fangirl with me. The episodes come out monday and tuesday everyweek- and should be 16 episodes long. This makes me happy, because they didnt even start classes until around episode 5. I still dont know where the drama is going. Besides the obvious from the spoiler above. *waits for next update*