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New To My Ears (5)

I have only favorited three things in the last two weeks, though I havent been looking. These are just three things that I came across.

This first one is the new 2NE1 song. Soon as I heard it with a real sound system, I was impressed. CL does some cool things that make me happy. That high note~

This next one is a colab of a bunch of well known, or just talented youtube artist that came together to sing a J Rice original, a tribute to Japan and the US tornado people. After I watched this I went and clicked to all their own pages to see who I needed to be stalking next.

This last one is one of them. This kid is goood. If you go to his youtube, you can see for youself. But– this should be enough to prove it. Be patient with him, this is a slow song.

New To My Ears.

23For those of you that either like Boyce Avenue or like the song Grenade. It’s weird how when Alejandro sings, suddenly I can understand the lyrics. I seriously almost cried. He has the most amazing voice EVER! Perhaps even more beautiful then Justin Nozuka or Jonathan whats-his-name from Waking Ashland.

I posted previously about them on my personal blog HERE. Theres a link to their site there as well.

For you BJ’s out there, you 2NE1 fans- or you Navi fans- if you havent heard the Navi cover of It Hurts, she does a REALLY good job. She sings with so much emotion. I would like to know if she’s also playing the piano, does anyone know? If you’ve never heard 2NE1’s original, you can watch it on youtube HERE. YG Entertainment wont let videos play on sites anyway.

Also, I found this song on luminosity a couple days ago, and I’ve listened to it so many freaking times ever since. Her voice is so angelic!

I also found this song on luminosity. I saw that this band was part of the giveaway, but because of the band name, I wasnt interested in listening to them- but I finally got around to it last night, and it made me very happy. So, I will have to have to start paying attention for posts on them.

I have no idea what this next song is about– the person that had me play it on iBigBangRadio and I are curious because of the song title– but this song is pretty too. She also has a cool voice. I don’t know what it is, but its different than any voice I’ve ever heard…

I’m going to be looking into her more, because I believe this CD came out in 2005, and that it was her 10th anniversary CD. I feel the need to figure out how long she’s been performing and how much music she has, and such.

ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment:Episode 04

Seems like it’s been forever since one of these Movement Life Style videos has been uploaded!!This episode features Mari Martin working with 2ne1!!…ahh I wanna dance!..enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

If you haven’t seen the other Adventures with YG Entertainment videos go here!!

Shaun Evaristo

Earlier today Shaun Evaristo posted on his twitter for V.I.P’s (Big Bang fans) to guess where he was going. Later he posted that if he got a couple new V.I.P followers he would tell us. Because of this iBB and GDbias posted for us to go do that just that, which is how I found myself stalking him!

I’ve always known Shaun to have choreographed the greater portion of Taeyangs dances including Look At Only Me, Where U At and Wedding Dress. But I wasn’t aware of some of the other stuff that he’s don’t just this year.

I didn’t know that he’d also choreographed for 2NE1 and Se7en, including my favorite dance of all time- Better Together. He ALSO did Clap Your Hands, which I did not know. I freaking love that dance as well. He’s danced for Omarion and Vanessa Hudgens- as well as some other american artist that I dont really know. You can find out more about his past work HERE on his personal site. (Which is SO slow) So that you don’t NEED to go on its slowness, here is his youtube as well. The Visions of Love dance is cool looking!

To my knowledge his is dating/married to Aimee Lucas who is also a choreographer that I’ve heard of because of Big Bang. I was not, however, aware that she had choreographed Number 1 and ACH! She was the one from the H.O.T conert! Omg, the Sinner dance is hawt! Sinner is my FAV TY song~ I didn’t know that she did SO much. She lists what she’s done in THIS interview. There is also one on the sidebar with Shaun.

For your information, if you don’t already know. He was going to Korea. haha. OBVIOUSLY. Why would he want V.I.P’s to follow him if he wasnt going to Korea land. haha. I dunno what he’s doing there though- he said on his site that he will update more when he lands.

Multi Names and Kpop Lingo

As I dig deeper into the Kpop/Korean music culture, I find that — fans are LAZY. haha. Here are some of the kpop shorcuts that you might find yourself being confused about.

BJ’s – 2NE1 fans. Short for ‘Black Jacks’
V.I.P’s- These are Big Bang Fans.
E.L.F’s-Super Junior (EverLasting Friends)
Cassiopeias- DBSK
Sone’s- SNSD+One.
B2UTY- B2ST (Thats actually cute)
Aff(x)tion- f(x)
A+ —MBLAQ-Because all the members have blood type A.
Kiss Me- U-Kiss

More Here.

Also, for Big Bang fans-(I wish I had found this when I was just getting into Big Bang)- You’ll notice as you’re trying to memorize the BB members, that they sometimes go by more then one name. Here is a quick list.

G-Dragon: Kwon Ji-yong, Ji-yong, GD
Daesung: Kang Daesung, D-lite, Ssongie
Taeyang: Dong Young-bae, TY, YB, Sol
Seungri: Lee Seung Hyun, V.I, Victory, Tori, Baby
T.O.P: Choi Seung Hyun, Tempo, Tabi