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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

I came across this movie on netflix, and recommend it. It was seriously funny and incredibly adorable!

Watch this if you like to laugh, and if you like cute romances! And perhaps, if you like hot men.

Don’t watch this if you hate movies that randomly decide they’re musicals. (Which I dont like, but accept in this movie- because it was kind of random before that.)

The story follows a guy and girl who go to the same school and hate each other. Through happenstance, they end up chatting online but not under their own names. Despite the fact that they can’t get enough of each other online, they still can’t look at each other in real life.

Watch it. (Better Description)

Also, I mentioned the music. One song annoyed me, but for the most part- the music was freaking good. This first song totally pulled me into the movie. For you:

Now I stalk the similar music on youtube. Anyone with musical suggestions related to that video, please do share. similar movies? Suggestions please.

Beastly- March 4th 2011

(Warning: Watching all the clips I posted practically gives away the whole plot) But actually, you should watch them all– becuase they’re all pretty different.

This is basically the story of beauty and the beast. (Always one of the greatest love stories- I’d be fine with a million version of this tale.) There are a couple clips in this trailer that suggest to me that they might seriously ef up their chance at a beautiful story line with a little too much cheese- and I have this unreasonable dislike for Vanessa Hudgens if it isn’t Sneaker Night–but this looks REALLY good.

In the one that I originally saw it looked like the person that put that spell on him was a witch- and he dissed her, called her ugly. THIS one. I am aware that this is the opposite of what the movie is about, but that Alex Pettyfer is pretty. Ah shit! Hes gots him a brittish accent! *stalks* PLUS, I am in efing love with Neil Patrick Harris, so that makes it a must see.

I saw a clip in an interview that made me even more excited- you can see it HERE. Basically, it looks like she gets kidnapped or something. Sounds efin dramatic and romantic- and those are my favorite things. Shizam! Watch THIS one too!

GD&TOP – Baby Good Night (MV)

You will have to watch it on youtube, because YG is a hor. But HERE. Crazy guy. He makes it unviewable on other pages, but also deletes any other versions that are reuploaded other places!

Ended up accidently staying up until three afterall. Was dinking around on youtube when iBB twitter started to attack my phone, and I knew it was time.

I freaking love this song. Get it together MBC and SBS! The song is gorgeous and that MV was HOT. Though, I supose… thats why they dont want it on their channels… But it wasn’t THAT suggestive.

Egh, I LOVE GD’s hair soo much in this MV. And, oddly, I really enjoy what he’s wearing. Three patterns that should never go together, but somehow work… Dare I say this, but I even like his v-neck shirt! GASP! Is it because I love his hair so much? Perhaps. Also, TOP is, man, I don’t know how anyone can look that GOOD! The scenes where hes laying in the bed, that side angle where he kind of looks like hes in pain. He’s just pretty. Thats that.

I went to look up the lyrics because EVERYTIME I listen to the song I wonder, what is TOP talking about mint– hint– because, in the us, hinting a mint suggests that someone has bad breath. I still dont get it. Here are the lyrics, maybe someone out there thats had sex can explain. haha

(Hey sweetheart)
That I’d be familiar with everything
Your cute question
It’s just beautiful, the great power of love
Our lips redden
Our eyes meet, Yes a bit deeper
You’re my beautiful girl
You light the fire in my soul
Refreshing mint, the same hint
Teach me the answer sweet girl
You’re my beautiful girl
You light the fire in my soul
Refreshing mint, the same hint
Refreshing mint, hint
The answer is you

The whipping cream part sort of makes sense now, if you assume that it means he’s white and he wrapping around her… Im not sure if thats how it was meant or not. I found these lyrics HERE if you wants to try to explain it to me. That would be great.

Piggy Dolls

I was really hoping to love these guys. Atm, I can say that I like them. Its pretty impressive that these girls (Two 19 year olds and a 16 year old) who are also overweight could be performing on stage, for a TV show in a Korea. It kind of suprises me actually.

Honestly, I dont really like the MV for this song- but when I was just listening to it for the voices and reading the lyrics it was amazing. Read the lyrics– Mostly I think I was bothered by it because of the uglyness that is what they were wearing. If I saw it on 2NE1wearing that, I would be just as disgusted. But also because the girl in the back doesnt move.

HOWEVER, I tested like I usually do before deciding if I like a kpop band, by watching it live. I much prefered it live. Even the vocals were better. The short haird chick has a killer voice. Also, they were dancing, together in unison. All of them. It made me feel a little bit better to know that it really is helpful to have dance instructors if you dont want to look like an idiot while dancing. (And being overweight) I have hope for my dancing future! (There isnt one)(I just mean myself on the Wii.)