Learn Another Language

You will find each word in English first, with a link that brings you to a site that will show you how to say it in American Sign Language

Under that is how you might say it in Korean. There is usually more than way to say things in Korean. Another thing about Korean is that a majority of the time, the final letters in the word are replaces, making that word seem different. (This is what Im struggling with most.) If there are double parentheses it suggests ((Pronunciation)).

Under that is when Rohx lets us know how to say it in Spanish.

Under THAT is is where Rohx will once again teach us how to say it in Japanese.


ASL: Yes
K: Ye ((Yay)) Also Nay
S: Si ((see))
J: hai ((sounds like you’re saying “high”))

Some pages my have phrases, some may have explanations to rules. Occasionally, perhaps a test.
But the main goal, for me, is to learn as much vocab as I can so that I can at least pick things apart easier.





A recent project of mine is to learn a language.
But which one?
Couldn’t decide. So I’ve taken on all three. Why not you too.
I have been slowly teaching myself ASL and Korean for the past couple months when Rohx offered to teach me Spanish!

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