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Fun Theory and Living in the Fast Lane

Hey peeps! Was looking thru facebook and our dear friend Jae posted a video that I found quite entertaining.  The VolksWagen initiative to get people to live unconventionally (would that be right?).  From actually using stairs, to actually enjoying elevator rides, throwing trash away and skater buggy to stair slides these VolksWagen commercials are changing things a little bit for the better.  Check them out.

According to VW making usually tedious things fun changes people’s behaviour.

If things look fun more people are willing to try them.

Sorry for the video spam, lol, but I think these videos are rather innovative.  Perhaps some of these things should be done in the US to get people more aware of their surroundings, get more people to throw away their trash, or go up the stairs instead of the escalator.  Though I don’t know how well that would go about since people here seem to be lacking more and more in respect for public places.  Things like piano stairs might get vandalized easily.  -.-”  BUT I have faith in the citizens of my country!!  8D  Hope you enjoyed the vids!

Ipad 2 is here

Today the iPAD 2 was released earlier today by apple.  This time is thinner, faster with facetime and a 10 hour battery life (all quoted right off of the apple site lol)

For more info on the iPAD 2 head on over to Apple since I’m most likely not going to buy it. But it does look quite pretty .__.

Geek and Gamer Girls Song

A friend showed me this in class and it made my day yesterday!The singing, not so much, but that’s not the point!!lol
*sighs*…..It’s us!lol

You know you can related to more than one of the scenarios so don’t deny the truth!lol

Pod Casts and UStreams

Recently Jae from Love[Asia]Music reconnected my ears with something I’d found a long time ago and somehow forgotten about. Asian Pop Addict is a group of hilarious friends that, once a week, hosts a podcast where they play music and fill you in on the latest asian pop news. Sometimes they also talk about dramas, and even just as likely- get off topic some.

I love listening to them. They’re funny, they’re charasmatic and they’ve crossed the not so fine line that is perv. You can find their previous 76 podcasts on their site.

They have inspired Rohx, Jae and I to want to do something simular. We dont have the studio- but we do have Rohx. We will be starting Eclecticism this weekend, saturday. Jae will not be able to make the first cast, but Rohx and I are going to work hard to dig up some news and play some fun music. The show will play all languages, but will probably be Korean and Japanese biased.

Make sure you check us both out. If nothing else, you’re bound to get a good laugh. Hope to see you there!

Smartphones Up for Attack??

If you walk into a store or down the street you’re bound to see people steadily chatting on a cellphone, others rapidly typing up a super longass text message to their OMGSBFFF. How many of those people actually have a simple phone now?? You know one of those grossly OLD phones made for just calling and just texting?? (jaedoes) Not me, I tell you!

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m definitely part of that generation that could love a little amazing, square piece of technology called an Iphone more than life itself! People do everything on their smartphones; listen to music, text, check twitter, check email, calendar, weather, games, Big Bang, bank account, credit card, EVERYTHING! in fact according to AT&T and Apple, smartphones have amazingly outsold PCs under the table this past year. So its safe to say that people absolutely depend on their phones to function on a daily basis, people trust their phones!

Well recently Apple and AT&T have released a statement mentioning how smartphones are increasingly at risk to virus attacks. Namely things like trojans, and service denial types; in other words viruses that could breach your privacy AND hinder the functionality of your precious smart phone. Apple has said that they are working on patching up the security hole, however the problem lies in that its pretty damn hard to control what goes in and out of the phones of thousands of people!

So what can you do to to protect your phone? Don’t download supicious Apps. Microsoft smartphone users reported viruses acquired through applications installed onto their phones. A smartphone is like a mini-computer, similarly entering infected websites can also put your phone at risk. Know what site you’re visiting and only go to trusted pages.

Love your phone! Its part of your life. Protect it! (<__< sounded like a cult leader….)