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So, its a commonly known fact that I (Rohx) currently (and have always) reside in the amazing state that is Texas!  I’m sure most of you non-Texans stereotype Texas as a freakishly hot desert, full of tumble-weeds and cowboys… Well you would not be incorrect, hah! (tho not all of Texas is desert or tumble-weed infested).  Anyway, Texas gets amazingly hot every year. So hot even that walking 5 minutes outside makes you sweat buckets and your panties stick to your butt!  So how do we Texans fend off this most offensive attack on our body??  We head on down to New Braunfels!! The home of one of the best waterparks in the WORLD! Ladies and Gents, Schlitterbahn is your ticket to refreshment from those hideous summer days!!

I’ve actually been on all those rides and they’re amazing!!  This is my favourite place to end the day at the big wave thing that almost drowns you with its power!

The stream rides are also most entertaining and a great place to start your trip!! The water is uber cold tho! >__<

I love going to Schlitterbahn! My family and I have gone every year for the past 4 years and enjoy it every time!  So now you know if you’re ever in Texas, raging to get the hell out of the sun head on over to Schlitterbahn and cool down in their freakishly cold water rapid rides!!

For more info go here: Schlitterbahn