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The Last Airbender II

I am sort of interested in the second. After rewatching it without all the hype, and some time after watching the series, I kind of liked it. Shh… Don’t tell.

He makes a good point by saying that other countries praised it, and that americans didnt like it because the pacing was off- (which is true)– but what I mostly couldnt get over was that the show was hilarious, and the movie made me laugh once. They kind of wrote Sokka as goofy, but not as the screw-up, shopaholic, jokester that he is. Plus, I can’t get over them changing the pronounciation of the names…

Here are some other links if you are interested enough:

Avatar Wiki  (

Summer Bishil: future Azula (

A Bit More Hunger Games Trailer

I guess this was on the super bowl. I don’t know, I didn’t watch it.

The first one is a little bit different, but the second one, starting toward the end, is super fancy! The only things bad I have to say is that she didn’t get the pin from herself… and I don’t know why Cinna would find it necessary to sneak it onto her person, seeing as they have ONE thing they can bring in…

I’m super excited despite the fact that I just found out that it comes twenty days after the day I thought it was coming out, and now have to wait that much longer.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

I came across this movie on netflix, and recommend it. It was seriously funny and incredibly adorable!

Watch this if you like to laugh, and if you like cute romances! And perhaps, if you like hot men.

Don’t watch this if you hate movies that randomly decide they’re musicals. (Which I dont like, but accept in this movie- because it was kind of random before that.)

The story follows a guy and girl who go to the same school and hate each other. Through happenstance, they end up chatting online but not under their own names. Despite the fact that they can’t get enough of each other online, they still can’t look at each other in real life.

Watch it. (Better Description)

Also, I mentioned the music. One song annoyed me, but for the most part- the music was freaking good. This first song totally pulled me into the movie. For you:

Now I stalk the similar music on youtube. Anyone with musical suggestions related to that video, please do share. similar movies? Suggestions please.

The Hunger Games (7)

This is my first time seeing these pictures, and I am VERY pleased.

And the ones that I am most especially happy about:

Looks like Woody has our drunk Haymitch DOWN!
I like how they’re cold toward Effie but seem to have secrets between themselves and Cinna. If stills portray that- I can’t wait for the movie.

I am still worried, however, of what kind of– rating this is going to have. Not to say that I want to see kids getting slaughtered but I want them to stay true to the book. Will know it will mean that they might have less viewers, because I imagine some of the readers are under age but I would imagine to do everything justice, it would have to rated R. I mean– its efin scary- its gruesome…

We shall see.

I also never posted the trailer- so here:

I love how they have Effie just kind of disgusted with having to be there. I almost cried when she volunteered. I was ridiculously impressed with how they ended the trailer with her coming up onto the platform, and you get the littlest glimpse of the others. And I LOVED how they cut to Prim and Gale unable to watch. If a trailer is this good…

I just worry- because only ONCE has a movie every lived up to its books. (Scott Pilgrim)

I also didn’t realize how close it was until the movie comes out! A little over a month! I remember finding out about the movie and thinking, oh no! To long!

I’ve got a list of people who said ‘I have no one else to go with, please go with me’ to the midnight showing- because apparently everyone whos read the books finds it impossible to get any of their own friends to read them. (Don’t deny you tried and failed too)

Goodie for me. Pics and trailers to tease me, and not so long to wait.

Wonder Girls on Teen Nick!

So the Wonder Girls are gonna have a movie on Teen Nick called the Wonder Girls Special I think. Even though it looks like it’s gonna be a battle of the girl groups kind of thing, I’m excited for it! This is great exposure for them in the United States actually. JYP is a smart smart man lol. I just saw this commercial like..yesterday lol I’ve been hearing about it but never ever saw it. Maybe because I haven’t been on Teen Nick as much as I used to. And for you who probably don’t know what Teen Nick is here is one of the trailers!

The show comes on February 2nd!!…I think…google it yourself

…also…JYP is in it too lmao