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Dancing on My Own-Pixie Lott ft. GD & T.O.P!!

Soo I really don’t know who she is, but I do know who GD and TOP are!!lol They are sounding oh so very amazing and sexy in english with this song! Her voice is pretty good too and she made a verrrryyyyyyy wise decision to put them on this song for her Japanese album. Shyt will sell just because of a GD&TOP feature lol.

Spanish Lesson(‘s from Trabajo)[1]

Here are some fun phrases and words I learned at work(trabajo) this month:

X is a beautiful princess!
X es una princesa muy bonita!

(I was singing it to her in english to try and wake her up and then decided to translate it for better effect.)


(Over the walkie-talkie the maitnance guy said that he was passing through the new area. X and A thought he said he was passing diarrhea.)

Head hurts.
Me duele la cabesa.

(As in, Ash- Maybe you’re on drugs. Today you scare me. And you’re making my head hurt.)


(As in, ‘MORE EGGS! Huevos!’ *Everyone snickers* This was brought to my attention because I was asking how to say someone smells like something, and I used huevos as a filler word, and she was getting a kick out of it. She then informed me of the double meaning of this word.)

I’m not tired yet.
Todavia no estoy cansada.


Also, X noticed my growing interest and wrote me a list of words to look up:

Animals and Insects

Rana: Frog
Sapo: Toad                                 Conejo: Rabbit
Mariposa: Butterfly                  Venado: Deer
Gusano: Worm                          Caballo: Horse
Mosca: Fly                                  Perro: Dog
Serpiente: Snake                       Cerdo: Pig
Cucaracha: Cockroach              Gallina: Chicken
Grillo: Cricket                            Toro: Bull

I knew mariposa (thank you Barbie) and perro, and was like, duh as far as serpiente was concerned. Cucaracha I learned earlier when I met my first one.

All in all, productive month, we will see what I learn next month.

ASL/Korean/Spanish/Japanese – ‘Lesson’ 2

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Lesson 2

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Lesson 1
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