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The Hunger Games (7)

This is my first time seeing these pictures, and I am VERY pleased. And the ones that I am most especially happy about: Looks like Woody has our drunk Haymitch DOWN! I like how they’re cold toward Effie but seem to have secrets between themselves and Cinna. If stills portray that- I can’t wait for […]

The Hunger Games: Official Trailer

This doesnt really prove anything as to the acting, because its kind of choppy- BUT, as far as EVERYTHING else- it looks pretty freaking spot on! Enjoy! What did you think? Dude– when they have him couting down on the platforms, it made it so real I could not help but think about someone purposely […]

The Hunger Games Katniss Chosen

¬†We now have our Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I remembered posting about her previously, but I guess not. I remember thinking that she was the only one suggested so far that I would be fine with, but also assumed that she wasn’t actually being considered… But anyway, I am completely content with her being […]

The Hunger Games (5) To Tide You Over.

Okay, first of all- Yay! I really wish that these two were freaking Petta and Katniss! *dies* That was NOT long enough. Thank you again for the word to word amazingness. Very good chemisty! and also- this is a song someone made based off the books. Sounds like Katniss to Prim. I like the chorus […]

The Hunger Games (4) Katniss

Here’s part of an interesting article my sister found. I will highlight the parts that I found most interesting. Now in high gear: the quest to find a young woman to anchor “The Hunger Games,” an adaptation of a dark tale of survival and camaraderie that has a serious grip on young readers. The novel […]