Legend of Korra- Ep. 1-2

The first two episodes of The Legend of Korra have been released, and they are amazing! I don’t want to give away what has already happened in the story, so I’ll just appreciate the new characters.

Korra’s confidence and sarcasm makes her a much more amusing avatar than Aang. Aang was funny because he was childish- Korra is hilarious because shes just so destructive. She’s also somewhat incapable of taking people telling her what to do. So far I’m in love with Tenzin and Bolin. I love how Tenzin is constantly stumbling over words, completely frustrated with Korra’s lack of focus. Bolin seems to be the Sokka of this series. He’s confident and hilarious- which is why Korra instantly befriends him. I also love all three of Tenzin’s kids.

My favorite parts were the parts where the oldest of Tenzin’s kids says, “I will make no such promises.” And the part where Bolin ‘assumes’ that Korra is a water bender.

The writing has already proven it’s going to live up to the original series. I also LOVE the voice acting.

You can watch these two episodes at http://www.korranation.com

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2 responses to “Legend of Korra- Ep. 1-2

  • rohxez

    As we established, Ash, the Korranation.com site is gone! But people can still download eps 1 and 2 for free on Itunes (last time i checked (which was like 3 days ago)).
    And yes!! its absolutely love! love! lol Korra’s personality is one of the many reasons i love this show because she’s all badass and kickass and not at all how many animated series make girls (whiny, clingly, lovesick, etc)

    I also love how much this series is so much darker. Its obviously aimed at older age ranges cause its so different from the first Avatar. The characters are older and there seems to be a closer parallel to reality than in the first series.

    Its great can’t wait to watch the rest!

  • NyNy

    I’ve been hearing this is a good show but I only recently finished Avatar but I don’t think I would like to watch even more to be honest.

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