New Boy Band: BAP

TS Entertainment’s new boy!band BAP has made it on to the Kpop scene!  Though I don’t know much about them myself at the moment, I did take the time to watch their recent MV for their single called Warrior.  Its give a really strong impression imo, and I actually really liked it.  Especially their dance style.  They kind of remind me of a more boyish (more hardcore) version of Shinee for some reason.  They have potential, I think.  They seem to be a cut above the recent influx of generic boy!bands, of course only time will tell how well they do.  Best of luck!

Track list for their single:

(Intro) Burn It Up
Secret Love (feat. Song Ji Eun

Here’s their latest MV: Warrior’

 What do you guys think??

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4 responses to “New Boy Band: BAP

  • ashskylar

    Sound like dbsk, look like GD… Nothing new.
    But, I agree I like their dancing, I like their faces/hair, and I like that rap part mid way. Impressive.

    • rohxez

      well seeing as most of the originality in Kpop has already been sucked dry by the “kings” and “queens” of kpop you can’t really expect new bands to brings anything “NEW”. all we can really expect is for them to do their thing and see who does it best. like Beast vs F.Cuz. they pretty much debuted around the same time (give or take a few months) but Beast made it big and F.Cuz did not. And what did we say about Beast in the beginning?? “oh..they sound like BB and Yoseob looks like GD” lol BAP looking like DBSK and BB (sort of) sounds like a recipe for success

      • ashskylar

        I dont know about that. That new Sunny Hill, Grasshopper Song was pretty original. And that’s saying something, seeing as I dont generally like females groups.

        Haha, I guess that IS a recipe for success! Perhaps it was puroseful!

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