Karmin-Crash Your Party

Karmin is a duo couple group that started from youtube making covers of different artists songs in different genres and are now a signed group..yeah dreams come true. These two are very talented and actually reallllyyy funny! Crash Your Party is one of their original songs so enjoy that up there.

And here is another video of one of their covers. I like just about all of them but I had to choose at least one to show you all!lol

6 Foot 7 Foot

2 responses to “Karmin-Crash Your Party

  • rohxez

    hey!! i know those two! I saw their chris brown “look at me now” cover! lol it was my fave for a while! Glad to hear they got signed 😀 and i do love their original song! its got meaningful lyrics!
    LOL i love how they cut out all the cuss words! it sounds so much better that way imo (of course cuss words add a bit of humour (childish much?))
    aaaand yeah! lol best of luck to them! ❤

  • ashskylar

    Day spell you your name!

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