Arkona-Russian Pagan Metal

Yo, everyone! Its been a while yeah?  Haaa, well what do I bring you today?? Russian pagan metal band (as it is described in the uploaders comments area)  Arkona.  I’m known to have quite an eclectic taste in music but I’ve always had a real soft spot for folk metal (more specifically Mago de Oz) and this band (led by the lovely lady Masha Scream) has absolutely blown me away with their powerful songs and lyrics.  Most of the songs I’ve heard so far are mostly about Russian pride in their country, themselves and their culture,  all things you don’t hear often anymore (cause most music now is about love, cheating and sex :/ just saying)

So take a listen to them, and pardon the “deathscreams” they’re not my favourite part but I think it gives the songs character. wwwwww XD

This is more my Style actually:

And this one is my favourite!

What do you guys think?  Great band, ne?  Well if you liked them take a gander at their Utube channel at ~NapalmRecords~ and check out all their other videos, from what I’ve read they’re on a US tour, perhaps in a city near YOU!

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