The Hunger Games: Official Trailer

This doesnt really prove anything as to the acting, because its kind of choppy- BUT, as far as EVERYTHING else- it looks pretty freaking spot on! Enjoy!

What did you think?

Dude– when they have him couting down on the platforms, it made it so real I could not help but think about someone purposely stepping off just so they dont have to endure the games. Doesnt that happen the second time they go into the games? One or two of the older people?

And then when they start running, Im like- HOLY COW! So excited.

Thats not I imagined the fence for 12, but I actually like that one better then the one in my mind.

Replay #4…


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One response to “The Hunger Games: Official Trailer

  • rohxez

    I saw the Hunger Game’s movie poster at the theater the other day~ and i was like “hey! i know all about that movie cause Ash is always posting about it!!” lol i’ll probably go watch it xD

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